Quiet Times Be Upon Us!

At this time, when there is little to update you all on week on week, the team behind the movie series project decided it might be interesting for you to see what else we're involved in, so you can catch up with us, even when we're not here!

Animator Meerkat (Gregg)

Gregg or Animator Meerkat currently works on making high quality content for his YouTube account (theteentalks) where he posts twice a week. If you visit on a Thursday or Saturday you will find a new video for your enjoyment. Thursday's video is an 'Ask the Teen' where Gregg answers viewers questions (this series has nearly been running for a year now) and on Saturday a main video is posted (like a parody/sketch/short film).

Picture Meerkat (Chris)

Chris or Picture Meerkat is a large fan of the Warhammer franchise. He has won awards for his school and his own collection of models, which include 'best painted army', an award Chris is very lucky to have achieved which earns him his place in a rare cult of the most successful Warhammer contributors. Chris is always expanding his own collection and entering competitions which are very time consuming and important to him for obvious reasons.

Buy the new second generation DVD, watch the video below to see exactly what is new in this new generation of DVD...

For the first time ever... the full movies available in one part on YouTube!

Friends, followers fans and everyone else. For the first time ever, we are pleased to announce, the movies can now be found on YouTube in full, in just one single part. YouTube have changed their limits to allow certain uploaders the chance to have videos over 15 minutes, we are one of them, and we are so grateful for YouTube for allowing us this chance. Look below, to watch the movie - in full, on YouTube, in one single part!

Catch-up with the movie series team, in the all new behind the scenes vlog series!

We decided you deserved even more ways to catch-up with what is going on in the movie series, so we created this series of vlogs. For those of you that don't know, vlogs are video blogs. If you don't know what that means, it is probably best to describe this series as a new video diary. Every few weeks, someone from the movie series will upload a new episode to the YouTube channel, and we will post it for you below! Right, that's enough said, get watching this new series below...