This is my weekly post! This week has been rather hectic, but I have managed to get scene 3 completed. Obviously you want know what scene that is, but I am really quite pleased with it, and Animator Meerkat  should be getting it soon. There isn't much more to say about this week, but I can, however, state that I have in fact completed a completely new character for the 4rth movie, and his pose does actually look quite cool. Until next week, Simples!

Picture Meerkat
Hi there! Its me, Picture Meerkat, and this is me celebrating a whole year since my last post! That is most certainly a website record! I thought that I would give you the second half of the Meelin drawing tutorial, so here goes...

6) Its time to add his hands and feet! It's OK to be a little off with these, so long as they look the part. By now Meelin should look like this:
To complete Meelin, all that needs adding is the head and the cane! The head is easiest to do by finding a picture of a Mongoose online (not something this website would normally endorse. Please note that if you suffer mental illness while looking at Mongeese, this website is in no way liable) and drawing over it. The cane can be as simpl as a line or as complex as you like. Thats all from me for this time, but look out, I aim to update the website far more regularly now, at least once a week! Simples!

Picture Meerkat