Done! 05/28/2011
Sorry, I forgot to post yesterday, the week went by so quickly. I have done very little movie work recently as I have lots of others stuff on at the moment, but I can finally reveal the completed cover!
I will try to do something interesting to show you soon, such as small freezes from the movie, and a new banner, but the cover is now complete! Soon I will get you a higher resolution image, so details can be seen, but until then, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat
So nearly done! 05/20/2011
This is the penultimate piece of the puzzle, and it shows who gets the nice uniform on the right. It's Meelin! I'm going to post larger pictures of some characters in a small while, but enjoy this piece first!
Although you wouldn't think that there is any room left, there is still one unseen character on the cover! It's a new costume for somebody... This week I did some more work on the banner, and it looks quite good so far. It shouldn't be too long until it's completed, and I might have it done by the week after next. Until then, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkart
Hi All!

I thought as Picture Meerkat feels the need to just intrude on my page once in a while I decided I'd do it back!

I just had a little comment to add for you all about Picture Meerkat's suggested forthcoming trailers. This movie, because Picture Meerkat is doing all of the animating he is keeping me well away from the finished results too, so I have seen about 5 seconds more of the movie than you guys have seen (so basically 5 seconds in total...). This makes it hard to do a trailer when you've got nothing to put in it...

You see my reasoning? Good! At least the audience are logical hehe

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday! I would love to tell you that it was due to the fact I was too busy animating for the movie, but it wasnt. I just forgot it was Friday, and that Fridays are the days on which I post. Amazingly enough, when I said that I didn't know anybody whose birthday it was, it was actually one of my aunt's birthday that day! Who would have guessed. Here is the latest piece of the cover for you!
Only two pieces left! On another note, production is now underway on the big fight scene, with some storyboard sketches and a pre-viz animation or two. I might show some small clips from the fight scene soon (once something is finished) and it shouldn't be too long until Lazykat releases a trailer for you to watch. I might do one for you as well, just to try my hand at it and see how it turns out. Hopefully dramatic... Until next week, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat
Hello everybody!

Unlike suggested in the title, as far as I know it is not anybody that I know's birthday today. I'm not sure why I put that as a title. In fact, just ignore the title completely. Here is another piece of the puzzle - There are just three left now, so it won't be long now. What do you think so far?
Unfortunately, I am fairly busy at the moment and during the next month, so not much animating. But at least I can be bothered to post. Just because I'm back on the website again doesn't mean you can't post anything any more, LAZYKAT!!!!! Not much more to say really! Until next week, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat