Fixed!!! 06/24/2011
The computer is fixed! I can now take my time and complain about everything in the past few posts by Boredomkat. Don't wory, I will save the comments on the amazing quality of the video (post titles 'Our project! Banner!') for EVERYBODY to hear at a later date. But for now, let's keep it movie related.

I have drawn the backgrounds for both the banner and the movie cover, neither have been included in the movie as of yet. If I need those backgrounds, I will use them, but until then, they are just to help set the mood for the new movie. 

As of yet, no animating (only just discovered that the computer was fixed), but a big long rant for you to enjoy. Hopefully I will get back to animating soon. Until next week, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat
Slow cookers! 06/16/2011
Even quicker than last week, this is a post to announce that posts on this blog (Picture Meerkat's Blog) will be delayed from the current weekly posts. In addition, animating is going to slow down at present due to a problem with the computer. The computer crashed as a cable was placed in the slow cooker. The computer is now unresponsive, and as a result, animating is on pause for the forseeable future (likely at least a few weeks). Apologies for the delay. Movie work (animating) will recommence as soon as possible. Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat
Nothing new! 06/10/2011
Just to let you know, there is nothing new going on at the moment, as I'm tied up, but soon I am able to get back on with animating. It shouldn't be too long now. Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat
Friday again? 06/03/2011
Is it really Friday again? The week went by so quickly, and I only just remembered that I needed to post again today. No new pictures today, but there is a basic new banner for you, until I can put a new one up. I'm really busy at the moment, so I haven't done any movie work for a while, but on Tuesday I did get a chance to go and see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I definately enjoyed it, particularly because the cinema I went to did the film in 3D all the way through.  More films should be like that. Nothing more this week, but until next time, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat