Hello there again :)

SpellKat here! Just wanted to continue this debate on the capital letter status of the word 'warhammer'. 

Firstly, I'd like to point out that the one whom posts below me clearly can't spell himself. This is my first example of such incompetence:

'On to grammanr. Look at this! Straight from the Games Workshop'. I believe grammar is spelt without an 'n' but correct me if I'm wrong. Now on to the main issue. 'Monopoly' deserves a capital letter because it has built this status over a number of years. Furthermore, it is a multi-national franchise with the 'TM' copyright rights to the game. Unfortunately, warhammer is played by a fraction of the people, with success in a single nation amongst 10 or so people! (Okay, that might be slightly harsh - 11!)

Check back again soon for another GRAMMAR (not grammanr) update :)

First up, little animating this week, but I can say that the fight scene is progressing. Slowly. But what I have done so far looks cool. I will try to show you a picture soon but at the moment it is pointles, as it is just Edvard fighting thin air (his opponent gets added when Edvard is finished).

On to grammar. Look at this! Straight from the Games Workshop website: ...something new for Warhamemr 40,000. Not only... Strangely enough, it has a capital letter (W)! Would you call Monopoly 'monopoly'? I don't think so, even though it is not a place or person name, because that is it's name, and that uses a capital letter. Similarly, the trademark for Warhammer 40,000 uses a capital W, and so when written, it needs that capital letter.

Until next week,

Animator and Picture Meerkat

Just a quick note for all you English speakers. I decided to give you a little grammatical correction. A word deserves a capital letter if:

'(a) The first word of a sentence, or of a fragment, begins with a capital letter:(b) The names of the days of the week, and of the months of the year, are (c) The names of languages are always written with a capital letter.

(d) Words that express a connection with a particular place.

(e) In the same vein, words that identify nationalities or ethnic groups must be capitalized:

As you can see 'warhammer' fits into none of those categories so therefore does not require a capital.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for grammatical updates!


Hello all!

Not much to say really, but I finished that scene that I was working on, and you catch me about to start work on another part of the fight scene (traditionally the longest and hardest to animate, thus the one I try to put off the longest). I generally start simple and then make the scene more complex later. Maybe I should write you a tutorial on how to animate an action scene some day I will try to get some pictures of that scene up whenever I get a chance for you.


Animator and Picture Meerkat
And again... 07/16/2011
Maybe I need to change the day I post on, I seem to have troubles of Fridays! Good news about the movies, I have managed to get working on another scene. It is a fairly simples scene, but it's a start. Other than that, very little to say! Until next week, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat
Hello again!

I confess, I failed to meet the deadline (again), and no new animating work has been done. You do, however, find me about to animate scene 14 (which means nothing to you, but which does mean something to me), a fairly simples scene but one which is important, and which marks the start of animating on the major battle scene in the movie. I said that I would show you something new this week, and here you are... 
I'm quite pleased with the reflection of the boat, which took some time to get right. Now, I need to get on with animating, so until next week, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat
Sorry about the late post, I had a busy weekend. No new animating this week, but one piece from the week before that I am pleased with (I will try to show you next week). Nothing more to say really, but I will try to update again later this week. Until then, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat