WELL DONE US! 11/28/2009
Just a quick note to let you know - THE MOVIE IS FINISHED!!!!
The special features are being done now, and then its all done, on to movie two (written by me). Sorry about how short this post is, I may have time to post a longer one tommorow. Simples!

Picture Meerkat
Good news 11/27/2009
Hi there

Sorry about the time I take to post, but I have been really busy - there are just 3 scenes left to do in the movie and...
VOICES HANE BEEN RECORDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do really thing that we can release it by Christmas day! Simples!

Picture Meerkat
SORRY... 11/23/2009
Picture meerkat here!

Sorry about the time it has taken me to post, but Animator meerkat has kept me working hard on the flash drawings so he can animate them - we are now about 3/4 of the way through the movie now, which is good progress! I promise I will put up the tutorial soon. Simples!
6 hours work 11/15/2009
Animator Meerkat has been telling me to work on the fight scene for the past few weeks, and he can't moan anymore -  I have now spent SIX HOURS! working on the first 10 seconds out of two or three minutes! Stay tuned for more, and a tutorial on drawing good characters... Simples!

Picture meerkat!
Picture meerkat here again. Sorry about the absence, but I have been working on a fight scene that is so complex to animate that it takes 30 MINUTES just to animate a second! I will say to you though, this will be the best scene in the movie! Stay tuned for more! Simples!

Picture Meerkat
Helo there - Picture meerkat here. It is true that I have been working on other movies, but Im back now and on track for movie one again. I have spent the morning drawing mongeese scientists. Soon I will put up some teaser pictuers and a tutorial on how to draw cool looking characters on flash...