Sorry I forgot to post yesterday! I would love to tell you that it was due to the fact I was too busy animating for the movie, but it wasnt. I just forgot it was Friday, and that Fridays are the days on which I post. Amazingly enough, when I said that I didn't know anybody whose birthday it was, it was actually one of my aunt's birthday that day! Who would have guessed. Here is the latest piece of the cover for you!
Only two pieces left! On another note, production is now underway on the big fight scene, with some storyboard sketches and a pre-viz animation or two. I might show some small clips from the fight scene soon (once something is finished) and it shouldn't be too long until Lazykat releases a trailer for you to watch. I might do one for you as well, just to try my hand at it and see how it turns out. Hopefully dramatic... Until next week, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat


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