Hello there again :)

SpellKat here! Just wanted to continue this debate on the capital letter status of the word 'warhammer'. 

Firstly, I'd like to point out that the one whom posts below me clearly can't spell himself. This is my first example of such incompetence:

'On to grammanr. Look at this! Straight from the Games Workshop'. I believe grammar is spelt without an 'n' but correct me if I'm wrong. Now on to the main issue. 'Monopoly' deserves a capital letter because it has built this status over a number of years. Furthermore, it is a multi-national franchise with the 'TM' copyright rights to the game. Unfortunately, warhammer is played by a fraction of the people, with success in a single nation amongst 10 or so people! (Okay, that might be slightly harsh - 11!)

Check back again soon for another GRAMMAR (not grammanr) update :)



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