First up, little animating this week, but I can say that the fight scene is progressing. Slowly. But what I have done so far looks cool. I will try to show you a picture soon but at the moment it is pointles, as it is just Edvard fighting thin air (his opponent gets added when Edvard is finished).

On to grammar. Look at this! Straight from the Games Workshop website: ...something new for Warhamemr 40,000. Not only... Strangely enough, it has a capital letter (W)! Would you call Monopoly 'monopoly'? I don't think so, even though it is not a place or person name, because that is it's name, and that uses a capital letter. Similarly, the trademark for Warhammer 40,000 uses a capital W, and so when written, it needs that capital letter.

Until next week,

Animator and Picture Meerkat


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