Actually, 'Spellkat', while you comment that ''Monopoly' deserves a capital letter because it has built this status over a number of years. Furthermore, it is a multi-national franchise with the 'TM' copyright rights to the game.' it would be incorrect to state that 'warhammer is played by a fraction of the people, with success in a single nation amongst 10 or so people'. An important point to make is that Warhammer is both trademarked with a capital W, and is also multi-national, played in 19 different countries and with a large number of players (at least 500,000 as of 2003, but with many additional people uncounted and joined since) Also, Warhammer has also been running for a number of years (approaching 2.5 decades), and so deserves a capital letter in the same manner as Monopoly.  

On the animating front, little has happened, although I hope to finish the scene I am on within the end of the week. So far it looks great. I will let you see a clip of it soon, but not too much (wouldn't want to spoil it). Until then, Simples!

Animator and Picture Meerkat


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