Hi Everyone,

So a podcast has been recorded! This time it was co-hosted by my cousin, Katie, who plays a number of the characters in the movie series, one of which is the Queen. She is our youngest voice actor (only 9!) so I hope you enjoy the episode when it comes out in a few days but don't be mean to her! She did her best! The episode will be out in the next few days, as I've already said and I think she did an awesome job - well done to her!

I just wanted to say, if you were expecting a DVD (that you had ordered) it should be with you soon. About 8 DVDs have been ordered in the last few weeks by you guys, and I have been working to get all of them out as soon as possible. I'm currently writing a copy of DVD 3 with my other computer. I think for the minute I have two more DVDs to make (including the one being made now) but then I have another batch in a week or two! Sorry if you've had to wait a few weeks, but I'm working on it so they DVDs should be sent in the next few days (maybe at the weekend).

I'm hoping to announce another special guest for movie four this weekend, one guest has told me the lines should be with my by this  Friday, so more announcements soon!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

I assume you've already seen the butt in below? Yes, that's referring to the post below, left by Picture Meerkat on my blog! But as you'll hopefully have noticed he's decided to finally update his blog for you again yesterday - his first post in... a year. I don't know why he sees this as worth celebrating, but his mind never ceases to confuse the rest of us!

That also explains why he decided to change the banner at the top of the website. It now looks rather Irish with the array of green colours. I have had to edit the banner because it probably left some of you in bewilderment, I added the text above 1st post in one year, because I didn't want you to all think we were celebrating our birthday again. Therefore I added to picture meerkats blog so you would understand what he is on about. Don't worry, its not our movie series birthday again already! That's October!

The reason I visited the website today was not to look at the changes Picture Meerkat had made (because I don't see it as something we should be celebrating and so remembered to forget all about it) and wondered why everything had changed myself! In fact, I visited today to tell you about the new voice actor guest confirmed. Yes, this is our second of a possible four guests that we are welcoming on board, I expect we will probably have three, but who knows! Two is amazing. Look at the paragraph below to find out more about our new guest!

First thing you should know about him is his name is Jack and he has a YouTube channel called BaptismonFire. His channel is the smallest of the four channels of which we asked to join us on this project, but never the less he has had over 14,000 channel views and over 100,000 upload views! He has 621 subscribers and makes British song parodies and spoof on his channel. For us, he will be playing a character called Stocklimp! That's all your getting from me about that now though!

Now we're just waiting to hear from another three people. One we should hear from in the next week or so, the next one we should hear from this time next month and the last one we should hear from in March!

Luckily for you, or maybe unluckily - it depends on the way you look at the situation - the announcements have been staggered. This is not deliberate, it just happens to be the way things have worked out.

:Look out for more new announcements soon!

Animator Meerkat
(P.S. and if you can be bothered to visit Picture Meerkat's Blog and see his first post in a year, your welcome to do so. It is the second half of his Meelin tutorial, that is, if you didn't get bored of waiting for part two and have since deleted your version of Meelin from your computer altogether!)
Actually, the one year anniversary is on 21st January. Simples!

Picture Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

As it stands, I'm expecting the theme tune any day now from musickat, Mr Jeremiah Pena himself. He is meant to be finished any day now, but I'm speaking to him online later tonight, and will hopefully be able to update you with more news in the next few days. 

As podcast listeners will know, being my usual, creative self, I have some massive plans for recording of the fourth movie, which would involve a really cool live ustream in which you will see interviews with us, watch us record and get behind the scenes exclusive. This would be recorded so those of you that can't watch it live can watch it after the event as well!

At the minute, I'm just waiting for news from Picture Meerkat as to when he is returning back to Meerkat HQ for recording, as it stands, we're expecting him sometime near the end of February, so we'll keep you updated as we approach closer to the time.

In the meantime, I'm told you lucky people (or unlucky as the case may be!) are going to be subject to a new post from Picture Meerkat on his blog in the next few days. Yes, he has decided to give you a little update to celebrate (as he calls it! I see it as to laugh at his failures) his first post in a whole year. I think its something like the 18th of January, so check out his page for more. 

He assures me he is going to start updating the website once a week (or so) with new posts, but I doubt this very much, so don't hold your breath. We have all been subject to the incompetence (hehe!) of him in the past, so don't expect anything!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

So it's finally here. Well, two things are finally here! First of all, it is the 11th of the 1st 2011, which means a lot of elevens! Everywhere I look online today, people are saying 'happy 11/1/11' so I didn't want to guys to feel left out so I decided to include the movie fans in this moment of madness!

The real reason for today's post though is because the new podcast has now been released, and you can download it from here. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and the sound quality is a lot better than on the old headphone mic that I used to use for recording. Because it has been so long there was so much to update you on, so I'd appreciate you all going to check that out from the link I provided above!

One other thing, of which I didn't mention in the title of this post, (so its an exclusive for those of you interested in reading further into this post) is that another guest voice actor has been sent his lines! He's working on recording over the next few days, and so we now have two guests to confirm. Unfortunately, I only found out about this new one yesterday, so it missed being in the podcast, which I guess is a good thing because it means we can mention some more exclusives in the next episode.

Please listen to the podcast if your interested in finding out who the first guest voice actor is!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

As promised, we have a voice actor announcement for you, but I have changed the way it will be presented to you.

Kyle and I have recorded a podcast for you today, and will be uploading it in the next few days. In this podcast, the first of a number of voice actors is announced, so the announcement should be with you in the following days.

Sorry about any disappointment, but we want you to find out in the podcast first (consider it a podcast fan exclusive!) - just going to edit it now!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Guys,

Just felt I should probably leave a new post for you guys, as it has been nearly a week and I wanted to talk to you again! I didn't want to leave you in the dark, but I keep running out of time. Anyway, today, I've got some news for you, so I thought it was worth making a post for this one piece of news!

One of our special guests is going to be confirmed this weekend, yes this weekend. He is due to send me the lines that he's recorded for the movie tomorrow, and then as soon as I have them, I can tell you all the excellent news! 

For those of you spoiler seekers, he is a YouTube star, who has had over half a million hits on YouTube. He has over 2,000 subscribers and has recently become a YouTube partner. He is an awesome actor (that I actually know outside of YouTube) and I'm sure your going to love what he's recorded. I'm sure I'm going to love it to because I haven't heard it yet.

We have a number of other YouTube starts all lined up to appear in movie 4, some of them will either not be able to do it or we'll have to turn them down, but there are another four I'm in conversation with, and we only really need one more. If need be, I will shift one of my parts over so we can have a third special guest, because these other ones (not this weekend's announcement!), some of them have over 2 million views! One of them has over 100 million views - but obviously he'll probably have to turn us down at the last minute.

Here's a little update on these other four for you. Two of them, I should know whether they're going to be in the movie by the end of the month, and I should have lines recorded by them, by then. One of the others has said he's very interested but wants me to contact him again mid February and if he can fit us in he will record it then. 

Then there is the final one. Yep, you guessed it. He is the one with the multi million YouTube channel! I've been speaking to his agent, and the agent has explained to me that obviously the star has a very busy schedule, but if we contact them mid March, they will see what they can do. We're hoping and praying for a yes from him, because that would launch the movie series into orbit, we'd be guaranteed 1 million views!

Saying that, all of our guests are good. I've hand picked people that have impressed me, and people that I think your going to like. We'll soon know who we have in the final movie cast, and who can't do it, or who we don't have a place for. We can stretch to 3 special guests, and if all four of these others want to be in the movie, I will accommodate that, even if it means writing more parts.

These people were chosen by me because of their abilities etc. and I would love for them all to be in the movie. If we get any more of them, above the one we've had already, we'll be really lucky, because we're lucky as it is to have this first one.

Announcement later in the weekend!

Animator Meerkat
Happy new year everyone!

Welcome to 2011, how is it treating you so far? Got any plans for the coming years? Anyway, as you know, there is a long standing tradition of mine on the website. This tradition is that if I can think of something to say, I will leave a post on the first day of the month. This is no exception, in fact I had to leave a post because it was the beginning of a new year! For more news on our year, skip the next paragraph!

Jeremiah, our music genius, has just begun work on the theme tune and he hopes to have it finished for mid-January. If he should meet that deadline, he will then begin work on the next track we ask for from him. I'm still deciding whether or not we should release the full theme tune to you on the website as soon as its done, or if we should wait a few months until we're closer to movie release. Your thoughts?

Anyway, I feel we owe it to you all to reflect back on the last year for the movie series and the project in general. I will use this chance to drop hints without giving away too much. This has been our first full year making movies for you, and we have enjoyed almost any minute. This year saw us start working on our second movie, and going on to release a third as well. During this year, we celebrated our first anniversary or birthday, a year of making movies for you all.

Good things can't go on forever, but as long as we're enjoying it, we'll continue to give you the best new content we can. Thank you for your support over the least year, it has been welcomed with open arms. After the fourth movie is released at some point this year, we should be close to our second birthday (if all goes to plan). Two years will be a long time for a project like this to have gone on for, but I'm confident that we can continue until then. 

After the birthday, I'm sure the others will continue to make great movies for you all, and I'm sure they will do an awesome job. I wonder if this movie project will see the completion of seven movies - I sure hope the others make all 7 movies, because its what we told you we would back at the beginning. I said 5, but Picture Meerkat insisted 7 movies, so it falls to him to see that completed.

This is my announcement: This movie will probably be the last I stay at the movie series to see through. I feel there are massive loop holes in this whole system and the way everything is run, and I think it means most of the fan connection work (facebook, youtube, side projects, website etc.) falls to me. Most of it. I don't think I can continue the movie series because of this, but more importantly I feel I would be out staying my time here. Everything needs change, and my decision is to leave following movie 4. I've done what I can for this movie series, it is now someone else's turn to do what they can do.

If it was up to me I'd have left following the third movie, but I convinced myself to stay when specialeffectskat agreed to animate the full movie in 3D. Now he can no longer do this, and even if we find a new animator it is very time consuming being a talent scout for: the guests, the actors, the music, the 3D animation - everything.

I really hope the other members of the team can be respectful and not change this post (Picture Meerkat unfortunately has access to this page). I have saved this post on my computer and should it be changed, and therefore my wishes not respected, consider my resignation moved to now. As it stands - September/October 2011.

Happy New Year

Animator Meerkat