Hi guys,

I am so excited, because only a day after announcing us crossing the 7,000 mark, we have crossed the 7,500 mark (and guess what - at this moment in time we are only 24 views away from 7,600). I am so excited and pleased and greatful to anyone that has helped us, because the views have picked up yesterday and today. Can you believe it guys, we are less that 10,000 away from the ultimate goal for the next few weeks, help us get there!

I am really happy to announce that my advertising seems to be working. It has made us hold on to our 3 channel honors today and get this - today, I checked the channel honor for 'Most Watched - This Month'. How many views do you think? over 52,000 views this month! Thanks for your help guys! The honors are all at the bottom now.

One of my advertising videos got in the top 100 today! This morning, when I got up, we had two videos in the top 100, but now we only have one. With any luck, the other one will pick up views again, but of course my main focus is this one which seems to be getting us lots of views. Come on guys, we can do this! Fingers Crossed.
Right, I have to finish this post now, I want to try and get to at least scene 10 in audio adding tonight, if not Scene 15! Picture Meerkat has finally delivered scene 4, so I am only missing one or two tiny bits for scene 1 and scene 4, and then scene 6 - and then we can have all of the first 10 scenes in the final complition file. Tomorrow marks the beggining of movie month for us (thought of on the spot) being that it is the month the movie comes out in.

What can you do to help? Do I need to say? Get Movie 1 - Part 1 back up to 16,000 views, come on guys, we can do this!

Now, to leave you with the honors!

Animator Meerkat
Hi guys,

So yes, it is true, we are a mere 8 views a way from 7,000. With any luck, in the next hour or two, when the YouTube server updates, I will be able to announce to you all we have crossed 7,000. You see, the YouTube server takes a few hours to update, so with any luck I will be able to edit this post with news of crossing 7,000 soon!

EDIT: About an hour after leaving this post, YouTube servers were updated. We have now crossed 7,000 on the movie, and are well on our way to 8,000. I have been uploading content this evening, and have the delightful job to tell you that 3 videos have been uploaded tonight, one more is on its way. One of the three has taken off and the other two are taking off, but at a slower rate. Right, back to movie editing for me!

In the mean time, tonight I am uploading another two videos in an attempt to get some more views! I may even upload more! With one video just uploaded, and two uploading now, with any luck we can get loads more views really quickly!

It shows that it is paying off, because today we have three channel honors. Two really good things about the fact we have three channel honors are: 1) It means it is for the whole channel and not just one video and 2) There is one channel honor for: day, week and month! Wow guys, a month one! i am so exited, we have done so well to get this far, and lets keep going people! Help us get that 16,000 before Saturday 15th May.

I will be doing some more scenes tonight, so expect some more audio added to more scenes, although I am busy tonight so may not get to do much. I hope to have most of the scenes either complete with sound or nearly complete by Tuesday next week!

Animator Meerkat

I am going to try and keep todays post short and sweet, because I want to start some voice editing in a minute. So, as you can guess from the title, tonight I start putting the voices to the scenes. We recorded last night and it was great, and now I just need to put all of the voices to the scenes. Due to other commitments, I got back from work late today, so I haven't had as much time as I would have liked spare for editing, but will do as much as I can.

I have just checked YouTube, and I am pleased to announce that although we currently have no video honors, we have an honor for the whole channel. I am really happy that we are in the top most watched channels as a whole, not for just one single video - will paste it at the bottom.

We launched 3 new advertising videos yesterday, a further two are going up today. All 3 of yesterdays are over 100, with two of them achieving quite a bit of attention, I hope we can get them in the charts in the next day or two.

It shows that this whole advertising is working, because we are in the last (approx) 150 views before we reach 7,000. Now, I hope we can reach at least 7,000 by tomorrow, because over last night we got about 250 views, and so tonight if we could do the same, it would be great.

Fingers crossed guys, and help were you can!

Animator Meerkat

So yes it is true, we have completed the voice acting. In slightly over two hours tonight, we recorded all of the voicing for the second movie. I am so happy to have it now complete. Now, in the last three weeks we are just needing to do the last few scenes, and add the voices to it all and then it will all be finished.

Along with voice recording, we have also recorded another two special features. Luckily, we have now got the competiton and the directors commentary out the way. Tomorrow, I start adding all the voices into the movie. Tonight, I upload more videos!

So, this is just a short post, while I wait for a video to upload, to let you know we are finished.

I also apologize for changing Picture Meerkat's post below, how could I have done that. I changed the words in his post, but we will see how long I can continue changing his things for before he locks the page from me :P

Animator Meerkat

So, the main news tonight, if the voice acting night is tomorrow eveing. Where me and Picture Meerkat sit down for hours and record the voices for every single scene, right there for you!

I am really excited because it feels like it has come around quickly - but after the last one I can imagine it will be a lot of hard work. Especially working with Picture Meerkat, who I found out after the first movie recording date gets me into fits of giggles and it takes ages to get me back on track. So Picture Meerkat, we have less time this time around, so I must keep focused!

Tonight, I only decided to write this post because I have just finished making a new special feature - Trailer Commentary #2'. So, now that is out the way we only have three special features left to make. The directors' commentary will come tomorrow night after we have made it, and so will the competiton (yes, there is another competition, with actual prizes this time around, including movie roles), then I only have one special feature left to make. That will be the Outtakes, but you will be please to know 4 of the planned (approximately) 6 outtakes have already been made, Picture Meerkat will do the other two, but I will make two spares in case he doesn't have time. If he does have time, we will just have 8 outtakes, more for you guys!

Today has been a slow day for movie views, because after a day or two, you go out the charts with any videos you are in there with, this means I then have to hope and pray that the video will get into the most watched videos for the week, fingers crossed with this latest one, it did get 9 honors yesterday come on. But, now after two days it is out the charts, as expected, so while I wait for it to get into the most watched this week, I uploaded two new ones today. One which is taking of at a steady pace, and the other one which has really gone for it, and is getting quite a few views. Fingers crossed for one or both of them being in the charts either tomorrow or Wednesday! - If they do (or it does) it gets the movie views, so fingers crossed.

Phew, another day with lots of news. Time to go get some dinner, I have been working flat out all evening and I'm hungry!

Animator Meerkat

It seems we are super busy at the moment on YouTube, and I'm doing my best to get us loads of views. Since this morning, when I left this post (about 9 hours ago), we have achieved another honor. So, we are now on 9 honors for one single video! How good is that!

I am just about to take a YouTube session, as soon as I finish writing this post, in which I will try and upload some more videos that I can find on my computer, I'm hoping we will continue to rise in views.

Earlier today, from about 11, we actually exited the charts and lost all our honors very briefly. Now, we have got them back again, and therefore are back in the charts. The most exciting thing, is one of them is a worldwide honor, not just a country one.

Continue to support us in growing, we are now only 10,000 away from the final goal for the next few weeks. Which brings me swiftly on to the other piece of news to be covered in this post. Because we left the charts briefly earlier, our viewing figures have risen less rapidly today, but hopefully, with the help of some more uploads (if I can find some) and these 9 honors, and of course you guys, we can increase loads overnight! Up to 7,000 - is this possible guys? We will see, lets all hope and pray :)

Now, I leave you with the honors!

Animator Meerkat

So, as you may have noticed, there is a new banner picture in the top left hand corner. Finally, I am going to use that space to our advantage, and so I filled it with the new website banner for the forthcoming movie. Although this happened yesterday (the new banner) I decided enough news was enough for yesterday, so kept it for today so I actually had something to tell you.

But by the looks of things, I would have had a load to tell you anyway! For instance, today another one of my videos got in the top 100, this time, it achieved from 1,000 views yesterday morning, to 10,000 views this morning. With this, has come loads of honors, we have 8 for one single video! I am so happy. As this video has only been up a day or two, it is only currently in the 'daily' charts, but with any luck it will continue and push its way into the weekly charts as well.

So, now it is time for me to remind you all why I have been pushing this advertising forward, simple, because it gets the movie lots of views which is exactly what we are trying to achieve. So, part 1 of the first movie, is now at 5,930 odd views, which means we are in the final push before we reacdh 6,000. So come on guys, lets continue growing and getting more views for the movie, we only have just under 3 weeks left, and we need to get the movie up to 16,000 views again before the next movie comes out - or we have to at least give it an amazing go!

Animator Meerkat

I had literally only done the post before about half an hour ago, and that is todays real post. But, I have just checked YouTube, and I found some news of which I just 100% had to tell you.

Once again,we have crossed.

5,000 views on YouTube!

Thank you to everyone who has watched the movie, or helped us get support for the movie, we are currently still growing in figures, and are hopeful that we can get back up to 16,000 by 3 weeks today.

I think it would be amazing if by the time the new movie came out, we had 16,000 views once more because it would be such a special moment/.

In the last few weeks, and indeed the coming weeks, I will be working extra hard to ensure we get as close to, if not to or passed, that 16,000 mark once more.

I have been putting YouTube advertising videos onto the channel over the last few weeks to ensure we get more and more views - and if it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't be where we are now.

So come on guys, this is the final three weeks, the final push - lets get those viewing figures up to 16,000 by movie 2 release date - Saturday 15th May 2010 - thanks guys!

EDIT: My, today seems to be the day for news, no more than 30 - 40 minutes after writing this second post of the day we have MORE news! I decided not to make a new post, because three in one day is to much, so I have included it in this one. It is just a little bit of proof to show that I am REALLY trying to get us as many views as possible, check out the fourth honor of today, for a third video. Three videos in the top 100 worldwide, its at the bottom of this post, thanks! END OF EDIT

For todays proper news, check the post below :)

Animator Meerkat
Hiya guys!

So, today marks 3 weeks until movie release date, how exciting is that. To think, it is coming around so quickly. Especialy for me and Picture Meerkat who are working triple speed to provide more content for you for the movies.

So, anyway, we have a planned update for the application in the next three to four weeks. Not surprising really, because the movie is obviously coming out, and we want it to be on the app. Unfortunately, due to the speed at which Apple (c) are currently taking a while to approve apps, plus we have to finish the movie so that we can submit it. This means, this time round, the application owners may not get the movie first, as you may remember we had hoped to thank our app owners by giving the movie to them 5 days early.

We are desperatley hoping that they will still get it earlier (before online release date) but no promises this time. So, if it doesn't happen this time, I will try my best to make sure it happens next time.

Also, I am hoping to make another special feature today, which would bring us up to a total of three special features. These would be all the special features I can complete without Picture Meerkat. After Tuesday of this coming week, I will be able to make another two special features, which will leave us with one left to make.

The last one, will be the outtakes, because they take the most work. But rest assured, I hope to have neven the outtakes done by the end of next week :)

Animator Meerkat
Hello there,

So, first of all, and probably most obviously, what do you think of the new website theme? I am pretty fond of it and think a good job was done of it. I am really happy with the colour of the text, and don't understand why, but I think the yellow text is lovely.

Anyway, on with the movie. We have one less honour today, and obviously because of the length of time they have been in the charts, it means they are going down the charts because the views honours only last for a week. So, the good news is, we still have both of our two videos in the charts.

So, two special features have now been completed. I have decided while I wait for Picture Meerkat to finish the action type scenes of which he is doing I have been making great new special features. As you know, Let's Laugh with Lardich and now the second concept gallery. Some of the special features will need Picture Meerkat to be there for us to review, so on Tuesday (which by the way is recording day!) we will record the voices for the whole movie and the new competition, the commentary and the outtakes.

Ooooh exciting!

Animator Meerkat