Hi everyone,

So we have some exciting news for you. The third movie was officially completed today. This morning, I exported the whole of the third movie, and the DVD is currently being made as I type! To think, these months of hard work, and on Wednesday you get to see what we produced. Make sure you check YouTube on Wednesday, because the movie will go up there first. As to time that it will go online, I am rather busy Wednesday, so it will have to be up before 1pm. This means I'd imagine you can expect it between 9am - 12 noon.

As I said, the DVD is being made. Hopefully we wont have any issues, because sometimes we have issues when we make the DVD, so fingers crossed everything will be OK this time. The cover was completed this morning, Picture Meerkat has done one for the website, and I have done one for the DVD. I was going to use his on the DVD, but it has none of the people or anything and is very bland and empty, so used mine instead. You can preorder your copy of the DVD, email me at: edvardmovie@hotmail.com and say you want a copy, and that can be arranged. Quite a few more people have preordered that usual this time, which is nice to see!

There will be a new banner up on the site for 1st September when the movie comes out, but then another new one, probably only slightly modified from the one I just mentioned will be up the next day, to announce the release of the DVD as well. So Picture Meerkat's movie cover will be on that second banner, but the first one will be reserved for some other things to get you into movie mood!

Also, its birthdays galore! Tomorrow is my birthday, so you probably wont get anything from me on the site tomorrow. That is why everything had to be completed today, because I am more or less busy from now until release. So, thats why today had to be final deadline for everything. Also, the movie series, and indeed the websites' birthdays are coming up! We will celebrate them in October, on the date I started the website, but whether we will announce the beginning of October as the official start of the movie series or not, I really can't tell at the moment, cause I don't know!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

Good news for you today! The final special effect is in from SpecialEffectsKat and I am really happy with it. Obviously, I can't reveal much, but when you see it, you will realise what I mean. One word, amazing. I am really happy with what he has done, and it makes me feel like everything has been stepped up so much. So thanks so much for your work SpecialEffectsKat, or Dave as he is known to us. We can't wait for you all to see the wonderful works he has done for us!

With this last effect in, it means that the last scene is now in production, and Picture Meerkat is working to get it done. I'm going to keep the news on this brief, because otherwise I'm going to spill too much and spoil all the surprises. So, that's it on that matter, and it is time to go to the next piece of news.

We are hoping to work on some interviews soon, and Kyle and I are hoping to keep the iTunes podcast going regularly, but record the episodes each week or two, face to face, so this is what we're going to try and do. We are going to meet up every time we are going to make an episode, and then we are going to upload it etc. but record it face to face, so it is more realistic etc. Also, we are hoping to do some kind of an interview in the next few months with our special guest for this movie, Joe Craig, but being his busy schedule we are going to have to arrange this very carefully.

The iTunes podcast that we recorded is now available, it went live yesterday, but I forgot to post it, because I was busy so I have posted it in this post, to go subscribe to the podcast, or just to view this episode go to the iTunes Podcast page of this website, and follow one of the many download links.

Animator Meerkat

Quite a bit of news for you today, as we can announce it is a week until the movie is released. I think that is slightly scary isn't it? To think we give you the third installment of a possible seven in just a weeks time today! Are you looking forward to it? You better be! We have worked really hard on this movie! Hehe. Only joking guys, but I hope you are excited! The work hasn't even stopped for us now, a week before release!

Picture Meerkat has been working on a cover for the new DVD, although I did one, I said he could do one too, and then we would use the best one. It will probably be his one to be honest, because he can draw and I can't so, there you go. But I quite like mine, I thought I did a reasonably good job. Well, you will know soon, when the new banner goes up on the site on 1st September!

The last special effect from SpecialEffectsKat is meant to be with me tomorrow, which is great news because then Picture can do his last scene and then the movie is complete! Woohoo! Good news or what? I will probably even have time to watch the whole movie back and see that everything looks good etc. SpecialEffectsKat has spoken to me today and assures me he intends, unless something awful happens, that the last special effect will be with me by tomorrow evening!

Then the other piece of news is that today we have recorded another edition of the iTunes podcast. Finally I managed to make an episode of the podcast, that has a special guest in it, which has been recorded over Skype, which iTunes will actually except. It turns out www.mypodcast.com, who we use, only allow up to 96bps, but we were on over 100bps, if that makes sense to any of you. So I worked out how to bring it down, and we now run at 80bps, which is obviously acceptable for iTunes and for mypodcast.com so Kyle and I recorded an episode of the podcast for iTunes today, his first iTunes podcast, and we'll have it up for you at some point tomorrow!

That's about it, your up to date as far as I know!

Animator Meerkat 

So although it is slightly off topic in comparison to the other news I have been telling you lately, which was about how close we were to finishing the movie, we have now had some honors again. While I was on office leave, we didn't get too many views because I wasn't uploading videos, but now I am back at the office, so I have been uploading lots of new videos. Especially for the www.youtube.com/user/meerkatsandmongeese channel! I have started new editing with music in the background and things like that. I have also decided to start a podcast for this channel to get it more views, but that is slightly off topic again!

So since I have been back I have uploaded lots of videos, as I said. They have music in the background, and altogether I have been trying to make them more professional. We have managed to do this and want to continue to make them even more professional.

This has come with its rewards, as we have got two honors today from one of the videos I made the other day. I am really happy that it has got as many views as it has, because it helps to advertise the channel to more people, then hopefully they subscribe. If they subscribe, I then have more people to make videos advertising the movies to, and then with any luck they will then go watch the movie.

Again, we have an example of the idea working, it shows it is possible to get videos into the most watched videos, and it can be hard, but doesn't require 1,000,000 views! My video that got into the most watched today currently has just under 1,000 views. So if we can achieve somewhere between 2,000 - 10,000 views (which is what we are hoping for) we should make it into the most watched on YouTube, and therefore expose ourselves to an even bigger YouTube audience!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat
Hi all,

So I have some good news to share with you today. The whole movie is now complete, bar one scene at the end and a special effect. I have been working to make sure I complete every job I have in time, and being there is only this section at the end left, I feel like we have done a good job in getting everything done as quick as we possibly can.

We have struck a bit of trouble. SpecialEffectsKat is working as hard as he can to make sure he gets the last special effect finished as soon as possible, but he has had some trouble. The biggest problem he is having at the minute is some trouble with animating the sails. So the sails animating doesn't seem to be working, but SpecialEffectsKat is fixing them now. He will render the final animation as soon as he possibly can.

That's about all the news we have right now.

Animator Meerkat

Hi everyone,

How have you all been? I know we haven't spoken in a week right? Well, as I explained I was out of office having some leave, but I am back  now and working full speed ahead to get the movie finished in the next few days. My leave was great, but just before I left, I heard news from Picture Meerkat, and then, due to some issues at his end, I found at nothing else until Wednesday this week. This meant I was eagerly checking my emails everyday, hoping that there would be something from him. Turns out he had some issues at his end. But now I have had contact from him, so it is all good!

This also means, that the movie is near completion. I left you all last week with a few scenes left to be completed (mainly the action sequence and a scene a few before it). Now, I return, and I have to say I am pleased with what Picture Meerkat has done. I have emailed him with a few changes to the action sequence (mainly the fact that the second part of three of the action sequence is one frame long and has no animation, even though he does the animating of the action sequence!). I also have a few changes to make to the title sequence he has made for this movie (I like it a lot, but none of the names are in it etc!). This means we hope to be finished by the middle of this coming week latest.

After today, everything should be complete for the movie bar a couple of things. The first is the scene before the big special effect at the end, and the second is the big special effect at the end! Specialeffectskat is working around the clock to get the effect finished, but it involves some difficult rendering so although he had hoped to get the scene with me yesterday, he has now reviewed this and hopes to have the effect with me by Monday of this coming week. Then, once we have that, I can send it to Picture Meerkat, and he can add the scene that leads up to it at the beginning. So, when you think about it, the date we set for this movie release doesn't seem that early. Unlike last movie where we were rushing to get everything done, everything is nearly done for this movie, and we still have over a week until release.

This, you'll be happy to know, does leave me with time today to make another podcast for the iTunes series, sorry you haven't had any new podcasts in the last week, I was out of office, and if I don't do them no one else does! So expect a new podcast either today or tomorrow, I will be working hard to make sure you get that as soon as I possibly can!

You guys have been busy viewing while I have been out of office, especially yesterday! I logged onto Weebly this morning and was so excited to see you guys have given the website nearly 500 views in one day yesterday! Yes, its true. Although usually we can get up to 50 - 100 a day, 500 in one day did surprise me so well done on that guys!

Its not the only thing you have been viewing because I checked out the YouTube channel for the movies - www.youtube.com/user/meerkatmovies and the first part of the second movie is just under 16,000 views now! I'm not going to set another massive advertising push for movie 2 now, because I said my target for that movie was 15,000 and now we have bypassed that target, so movie 2 won't be advertised anymore. Although saying this, a part of me is just eager of the thought that movie 3 will come out on 1st September, and we could have bypassed the high score for any meerkat movie so far, 16,730. I'm not going to set it as a formal thing, but please help if you can!

Now, quickly before I finish this post and get on with finishing the movie, I guess I should make you all aware of the big plan we have for movie 3 release. When it comes out on 1st September 2010, we launch a massive ad campaign, which will only last for a few days. The whole idea is to get part 1 of the third movie into the charts on YouTube. For those not aware, YouTube has a Most Viewed Today section on the website for the most watched videos of that day.

The movie goes into the Film and Animation category on YouTube, and on release, we are going to work with a number of people to try and get the movie into the most watched videos of the day, for its category. Hopefully, if we can manage that, the movie may cling onto its chart position for a day or two following its release. You may wonder why we are so eager to get it into these charts? These charts give YouTube videos more exposure world wide. Instead of people having to type in Animated Meerkat Movie or something like that into YouTube, it will just be there, in the most watched videos. The exposure that comes with this is so large, and people that have never heard of the series before will have the chance to see it, and see what they think of the movie.

We hope to use the most watched videos of the day to give the movie the best start we can manage, and get the movie's exposure to the maximum we can manage. That way, we hope to expand the movie fan base, and get loads of new fans and new views for the movie on its opening day or two. You can help us to achieve this. On movie release day, and the following days, there will be links and embeds to the movie on this site, if you click them, and watch even the first second of the movie, it counts as a view.

Let's give this movie the best start any of the movies have had so far on YouTube and get say 2,000  views in the opening two days. That way, the movie fan base can hopefully soar!

Thanks for reading this far, I'm surprised you didn't give up and get bored. This has got to be the longest text only post we have ever had on the website, right? Well, I did have a lot to say. A weeks worth of news to fit into one post!

Animator Meerkat
Hello everyone,

So today the final trailer for the third movie has gone live, I will embed it at the end of the post. I have tried to incorporate in it as many scenes from the movie as I could without giving away the whole story. We have used clips from just over the first half of the movie in this trailer, so as I'm sure you will agree it is very revealing of the movie, without telling you everything in one go! Make sure you check it out below (embed in this post at the bottom) then click on the video and visit the YouTube page for the video, and make sure you subscribe, and definitely like the video (what used to be rate 5 stars)!

Picture Meerkat finally got in touch this morning. His internet connection is working again and he has told me that the action sequence for a scene near the end of the movie is going really well, he has basically finished it and just needs to add the music before sending it across. I am so glad I have had a chance to speak to him today, because I needed to give him some instructions for finishing the movie, and despite putting the instructions as a draft on this page, I still didn't know if he would see it or not. Luckily, I have spoken to him and so I have explained everything.

Right, that's it from me for a while now, I'm in and out of the office most of this week, but some days I won't be in the office, so won't be able to write a post. Therefore, this is my last post before near movie release date, if not on movie release date!

Animator Meerkat
Hi guys,

Got some good news for you. I finally worked out how to download videos from Veoh. How is that related to the movies you ask? Well we put the first movie online for you on YouTube as well as on other places, which included Veoh. Then, when we lost the movie from YouTube when we changed account, I no longer had the movie online and I really didn't know what to do. Since then, I have been trying to download the movie from Veoh so I could re-upload it onto YouTube, but I tried all of the different Veoh downloaders including the official Veoh downloader, but no luck.

Then yesterday, I finally managed to work out how to do it, but it didn't download in time, so I re-downloaded the movie from Veoh today, when I had time for the whole movie to download, it is over half a gigabyte after all! And finally, it worked. I then split up the movie into 15 minute chunks and I uploaded them onto YouTube. I have reset the links on the Watch The Movie Here! page of the website. You can now watch movie 1 online on YouTube and on the website on the Watch The Movie Here! page!

On the other end of the spectrum, the bad news is we haven't heard anything from Picture Meerkat. He was meant to get his internet connection back on Thursday, but still no word, so until I hear something, we can't finish the movie. I really hope he doesn't stop us from getting the movie released on time, and unfortunately if I don't get the last few things from him, we can't finish the movie. So, with any luck he will send me the last few things I need next week, we will see.

Animator Meerkat
Hi guys,

I have now done all I can do for movie, so I am basically ready for release now. I am still waiting for the last few things from Picture Meerkat until the movie is complete, but despite the fact that he was meant to get his internet connection back today, I haven't heard anything so until I do I can't do anything else for the movie. Then, once I go out of office next week, it is just the last few scene changes, the fight scene and the theme tune for Picture to do.

The 5th podcast has gone live, and if you click here you can download it form iTunes, make sure you subscribe to the movie series podcast and leave a nice review for us. I did try and get you two special guests for this podcast, but mypodcast.com  rejected the file because we recorded it via skype instead of via them, because Jake, who plays Lardich, and Kyle who plays the librarian, the reverend and the king in this movie weren't in the room with me, so unfortunately, it looks like your going to have to settle with just me for that episode number 5.

As I have said, I'm out of office next week, but when I come back there will be more podcasts, but until then there will be no podcast, so this may be your last one until movie release, if not your second to last one, but we will see.

Animator Meerkat 
Hi guys,

So have you seen the new banner? I put it up last night as agreed with you. For those who didn't know, what we agreed was that if we passed 15,000 views on the movie, I would upload a new banner for the site, so this is what I have done. I tried to use some new fonts, as I felt the old one was nice (and is still in this banner) yet slightly younger, if you know what I mean. Ahead of this slightly darker movie, I wanted it to reflect the movie that we have coming for you guys!

So that means we have passed 15,000 views on YouTube - you guys are amazing! To have been at the stage with movie 1 before, and now to be here again with movie 2 is a dream, especially when since the re-upload, the movie has only been online for two months. The thing that is most exciting about this is we have reached 15,000 views just before the release of the third movie in the series, which means I can stop advertising the movie all the time etc. ready for the release of the next in the series.

Which brings me onto the next piece of news I have for you, and probably the biggest as far as the movie series is concerned. A release date has been confirmed for the third movie! Yes, I can now confirm to you the date on which you can all enjoy another trip to Stadgroot. In case for whatever reason you can't see the date in the banner at the top of the page, we return for some more meerkat antics on 1st September 2010! How exciting right!

Ahead of this, we are going to launch the final trailer in the series, and you can expect that last trailer this coming Saturday morning! It is over 2 minutes long and it features clips from just over the whole of the first half of the movie! So we have included lots for you to get you ready for the new movie. I have to say, of the three, its my favorite one yet!

There will be another edition of the iTunes podcast out tomorrow, I tried to record it today with two special guests, but due to technical difficulties I had to give up, so I will either be recording with one of these two special guests or a different special guest completely depending on whether he can fit us into his busy schedule. Or if all else fails, you can join me for 30 minutes on my own! 

Specialeffectskat has sent through the second special effect and I intend to fit it into the movie tonight. Once its all done, we will have the whole first half of the movie ready for the final compilation, and then we are only waiting on 3 or 4 scenes, which are done, but need some alterations which should come anytime after today, because Picture Meerkat gets his internet connection back tomorrow, and I will be sending him the list of jobs he has to do before movie release!

Time to get to work with the special effect!

Animator Meerkat