Hi everyone!

I just wanted to update you all again because I feel there is something worth your knowing.

Today, we have passed 10,000 views, which is something I am very excited about. To think, all three of our movies have now passed this figure and just the thought of it makes me fell so happy, to think we have been able to get these views. Although, again, I feel it is only fair of me to mention that without all of you, it just wouldn't be possible. Sitting here, writing this post, I'm over the moon with the figures of our movies so far, and hope that the views can continue to flood in over the next few days and months as I dare to think how many views we could have by the time the fourth movie is ready for a release.

Also, on the same topic, we have now got at least over 1,000 views on all three of the first three parts of Edvard Orlovski: The Movie 3, which is great news. It seems more than ever before, people have seen the third movie and clicked to watch the second and third parts because they were gripped and interested by what they saw. This is definitely a good thing, so again, thanks a lot for finding people to watch the movie for us, or if you've seen it yourselves, thanks so much!

Finally, I did promise a new episode of the iTunes podcast, and that new episode is now available as off this evening. Me and Kyle spent 25 minutes today recording the rest of the podcast, because again we had to switch rooms due to our first room's use for other movie things. You can tell part two was recorded today, because I mention the 10,000 views etc. and I'm sure you'll find some nice half spoilers to get stuck into. I say half spoilers because it is where me or Kyle have accidentally given away a little bit too much, but not too much to have given away too much, just little hints if you like! So try and spot them if you like!

To listen to the podcast, just go to the iTunes Podcast Page by clicking the hyperlink either on the navigational bar or just up above.

Animator Meerkat
Hi guys,

We have now passed 8,500 views on YouTube, and we are really happy with this current total. I'd like to take this chance to thank you again for your continued support. Without you all there, watching each movie as we release it, there would be no point us even producing more content. So thanks.

As I keep reminding you all, we have the birthday for the movie series coming up at the end of October, so when it comes around I'm sure we'll be full of the thank yous, throwing them out like there is no tomorrow! So I'm trying to keep it to a minimum because let's just say your going to hear a lot of the word thank you next month.

We have a new podcast that is due out in the next few days, it has not been completely recorded yet but the first half is fully complete. Kyle and I will be recording the second part hopefully by the end of the week, and if it is recorded in time, I'll upload it to iTunes for you all this weekend.

You may also have noticed there are now adverts on the homepage. These are provided by Google AdSense and when clicked a percentage of the money goes to us and a percentage to Google. The reason we have the adverts is to fund some of our projects. For instance, we are going on a 3D training course next year to help us make this next movie the best it can be, some of the money for this training is coming from our own pockets, the rest is coming from the money we make for adverts.

This way, you don't pay anything, and we don't have to pay extra. To get us some money to help fund this, please just click the adverts! Refresh the page, every time you visit the site, click one of the adverts on the homepage! Go on, click it and lets get some money which will make this next movie the best one ever!

Animator Meerkat
Hi everyone,

So I told you all yesterday that if we passed 7,000 this morning, I'd write a post on the website to officially announce it. So here you go. We have passed 7,000 views on our third movie on YouTube, which is great news, being that the advertising has been minimal. Yes, it may have taken a few days to get from 6,000 to 7,000 but it is a step higher. I wonder how many views we could have by the time movie four comes out. I imagine we'll have to do an official count up as part of the birthday celebrations.

Thanks so much for your continued support, your watching of our movies makes it worthwhile and keeps us uploading content, if we had no views there would be no point making any more movies would there! So thank you so so much!

Finally, we are still making copies of the third movie DVD. I delivered Picture Meerkat's DVD to him yesterday because he has only just sent the money down, so I could only send the DVD back yesterday! If you want a copy it shouldn't take that long, so please email us at: meerkatofficials@hotmail.com and ask for a copy of the DVD, or fill out the form on the NEWSLETTER page of the website!

Animator Meerkat
Hi guys,

Just realised I better update you again on the website, because I haven't done it in about a week? So where have I been? You want the truthful answer? Erm, yeah, no where. I just didn't have the news to update you on.

At this early point in movie 4 production, the news is trickling in every few days to every week, and it means that most of that I can't tell you anyway. The posts are becoming a bit irregular but I'm REALLY busy in the coming month or two, so bear with me if they are irregular for a bit. Cor, some people would think a post a week was quite regular, not you movie fans!

The third movie is just under 7,000 views on YouTube! Awesome or what? When I say just under I mean we have about 7 views before we hit that 7,000 mark? Hopefully after YouTube update the viewing figures and refresh them in a few hours it means we should be at 7,000, I hope. If we are, I will try and get you a post tomorrow, but again, I'm really busy tomorrow!

Specialeffectkat is still busily working away at his work for this upcoming movie. As to what it actually is, that at the minute remains under wraps. But I am so excited about this that I can't wait to show/tell you.

A new podcast will hopefully be coming soon, but Kyle and I are going to record out of order for this next episode. You see we need to make sure we have an episode for the birthday celebrations (yes a special one which your going to love!) so we want to make sure that is in the bag before we start work on the next episode of the podcast. Therefore, we hope there will be another one in the next week or two, but we need to record the one after first to make sure its done. Make sense?

Animator Meerkat
Hi everyone,

So the new banner is here! I know it has only been just under 3 weeks since the last banner, but I felt like we needed an update because that other one was looking a bit old. So the new one is up now, I know it is very basic, I just wanted to bring to anyone who visits the site's attention that these are the first three parts of our first three movies, and look where they have got to on YouTube thanks to our fantastic fans (feel free to take credit because that's you guys!). I also thought a nice touch would be to add up the three different part 1s of each movie, and see how many views that comes to. As you can see from the banner, and the what's new page, that total is 38,741 views!

Since then, movie 3 has risen about another 300 views, so even if we weren't passed 39,000 before today, we are now. Also, I have to bring to your attention this is only across the first part of each of the three movies so far, therefore we could have already passed 40,000 if you take into account all of the views across every part of every movie. That makes it also the perfect time to mention this is only on YouTube and YouTube embeds. Veoh has conjured up about another 100 - 200 more views which haven't been included in the viewing figures above so well done!

In aid of this, I decided this would be the perfect time to start a movie 4 home for the site, and you can find that on the navigational bar to the left, or by clicking this link here. At the minute, the page only has one thing on it, and that is my own personal little memoir of what has come already and whats ahead for the coming year with this new movie. This is only very short, because we will do a longer post for the new page to come in October, which is of course our movie birthday page, page name and content of which are yet to be confirmed, although while writing this post, I have had another nice idea of what we could use to celebrate the movie series' birthday. So thanks guys :)

Also, although we have already touched on it in this post it was only briefly, the third movie has now past 6,000 views! As I mentioned above, it has actually got about 6,300 now, so could we be seeing 6,500 by the morning? Who knows. Please continue to support us in getting views for the third movie, lets get it up to the current totals held by its predecessors, both of which are between 15,000 - 17,000. Also, I am rather desperate that in the coming weeks we may be able to celebrate movie 2 views getting to 16,000, but of course that is not our prime target at the minute.

Now finally, before I leave you in peace to do whatever it is you lovely people may be doing at the minute, I feel first it is only right to tell you that I am going to start work on something this afternoon for the fourth movie! Although not directly related, it is something you will get at the end of October as part of the birthday celebrations, it does contain a massive spoiler about whats to come in movie 4. So only about a month until you get to find out exactly what we have planned to celebrate the movie series' birthday, and believe me, some of the things we're going to give to you as part of the birthday celebrations are really exciting!

I'm excited just talking about it!

Animator Meerkat
Hello all!

So the new podcast episode is finally out today. Sorry it has taken a while, that wasn't intentional, it has just been trying to find the days and times where we can find an empty, relatively quiet room in the office to record in. As it happened, we had to record this episode in two parts, because one room had to be used for something else, so we had to wait for a few days and finish off the episode, but we continued it as if it was the same day, same place etc. That episode is now available on iTunes. Go to the iTunes Podcast page of this very website for more details on that episode, or click HERE to go to the podcast page on iTunes and subscribe and download all the episodes to date (or just the ones you haven't got!).

The other thing to update you on is that the movie has shot up another thousand or so views on YouTube! Yes, movie three, part one, has gone from under 5,000 yesterday to nearly 6,000 today! That is awesome news, and good work to everyone that has been involved in getting us those views we so badly want and need.

Hopefully the views will keep coming in, although we will have to face facts and recognize that soon this flow of views will slow down for a period of time, and then hopefully it can pick up again! But who knows? What makes this even better news is that the movie has been up not even three weeks and we have passed 5,500 views. How awesome is that? To put that into proportion, we have approximately a third of the views that the second movie has got in the three months since it was re-uploaded. How awesome is that?

Come on guys, lets get this movie some serious views!

Thanks for your support so far, we know we have some great surprises in store for October just to make it worth your while supporting us and the project!

Animator Meerkat
Hi everyone,

I'm still trying to keep everything under wraps so still with the irregular posts, sorry about this, I really want to tell you everything, but if I do, there are no secrets for the weeks ahead of us.

On another matter of which I can tell you about, we have nearly got to 3000 views on the first part of our third movie. Can you believe it! Yes, we have suddenly had a view spurt, and gone up from just somewhere in the first thousand, to so close to the 3000 mark! I really hope we can cross that 3000 mark soon, and I have already had a conversation with some people involved in the movie series that can get us some more views.

For example, Joe Craig helped us out with a part in the third movie, and he has such a large fan base compared to us. If he can get some of his fans to take a look at the movie, then we can get even more views which is just what we need. Can we pass 3,000 tonight or not? Make sure you help us out if you can. I have embedded part 1 of the first movie in this very post, so go check it out, and send the link to everyone you know! Let's get some serious traffic for this movie!

Thanks for your continued support, please continue to help us out, and we will continue to give you the content you require from us (the movies, news etc.). Believe you and me, the surprises coming your way this October are great and we can't wait to announce them, you just wait and see.

Animator Meerkat
Hi all,

Sorry if you feel the posts are becoming a little less regular, I don't mean them to be, I just feel if I do the usual and post lots of posts, I am going to end up blurting out the big secret for movie 4. This is why I am not posting all the time anymore, and also its because I feel there is nothing to say at the minute as we wait for the next big thing here at the movie series.

With the Birthday of the website, and indeed the movie series, coming up toward the end of next month, plans are being prepared to make it go off with a bang. I for one have never worked on a project that has gone on for so long, with a number of results that I feel proud of. The next movie, movie four, was always intended to be the best one of the series, and I'm sure your going to agree that it is when you see it.

I am writing the fourth movie, which I have to admit I haven't started yet (writing that is). Most of the writing will go on through November/December, because I have a hectic few months until then, but don't threat, some ground work will be done before then.

Without giving too much away, I can confirm we hope to bring out to you a trailer as part of the movie birthday celebrations. This is all i can confirm at the minute, because all though we all have ideas, nothing apart from this has been confirmed between us yet, so we can't tell you because it might not even happen. Specialeffectskat is going to be doing the main part of the trailer this time, which is the first time I have given away this duty to someone else, but because of the requirements of the new trailer, I could hardly do it myself!

We have got a new podcast, but it isn't coming out just yet. Me and Kyle are working hard on making the podcasts etc. but as it is, only half the podcast has been recorded, we were then interrupted and had other things going on, so we need to wait until another time for recording. We do hope to have something recorded in the early part of next week, because we both want it available online at some point next week.

That's it for now. Phew, I feel like I have dropped many subtle hints without giving away the massive revelations. Let's just say, for the movie series' future, and the website as well, October '10 is going to be crazy!

Animator Meerkat
Hello everyone,

Long time no speak? It has been nearly a week since my last post on the website, and I'm really sorry about that. I was waiting until I had enough news to make it worthwhile me writing a lengthy post. The sign of you being able to read this means that there is quite a bit of news for you!

First up, the DVD is now available. Obviously, it came out about 5 days ago now, but you can still get your copy, just email edvardmovie@hotmail.com and let me know that you want a DVD or fill in the newsletter form, as if you wanted to subscribe to the newsletter, but fill in the comment as 'I want a DVD'. That's all there is to say on that really.

Next up, we have loads of movie 4 news, and it is really exciting but it means I can't reveal much yet. I will reveal lots in October for the movies birthday, and lets just say you have got some great previews coming for the movie series' birthday! I think you are going to love what you see! Just bear with us!

If you want to know the latest, as it happens, Kyle and I today recorded a podcast at the office, it is being uploaded at the moment, so if you want to know movie  4 news etc. in detail, go check out the new podcast episode on iTunes. If you don't know where to find the iTunes podcast, go to the iTunes Podcast page of the website, all of the links are there!

Finally, YouTube news! For the meerkat movie channel, we have been asked to become a partnering channel for the third movie yesterday!I did get a reply confirming that we have been accepted for movie 3, and I am really excited, if you could continue getting views for the third part of the third movie, we will get more partner qualities and then it means that the movie series can get loads bigger on YouTube!

So please continue to help us!


Animator Meerkat
Hi all,

So today is crunch day, as the movie has become available online. Although we had hoped to have a podcast out today, with some space issues on my hard drive, I had to delete lots of files, and accidentally, I deleted podcast 8 as well, before I could upload to iTunes. But, the movie is now available both on YouTube and online. I am hoping to put movie 2 and movie 3 on Veoh, and did try to put movie 3 on Veoh, but it didn't work, because I ran out of time. But will let you know when they're online.

The DVD is now available for preorder. It was already available for this, but yesterday the DVD was successfully created, and the first two copies have now been made. Tonight, all of the copies of the DVD will be made, ready to send out to you all. Anyone who wants to preorder, and hasn't already, please email edvardmovie@hotmail.com and tell us you want a copy, or complete the form on the Newsletter page of the website, but fill in the comments section with: I want a DVD.

Also, the new banner is now up online, didn't see it? Check the top of this very page. There will be another new one tomorrow when the DVD comes out, but the changes are minimal!

Animator Meerkat