Hi Everyone,

After the rather disappointing news yesterday (check the post below) today I have some news from the other end of the spectrum! Yes, I have good news for you all, and its actually rather exciting.

Following about 5 attempts to make a DVD for the first movie in second generation I have finally succeeded. The problem was, I couldn't get the DVD to burn with the new optimisations and changes for the second generation without it crashing at some point. The closest I got was attempt 3, where the DVD was fully burnt but the VOP wasn't amended (if that means anything to anyone!). 

Finally though, after over 10 hours worth of time with my other laptop on, trying to make this last DVD for the three movies so far, I managed! I'm so grateful to my computer for finally managing to create the DVD for you, because I didn't want to have to tell you all that there would be no second generation DVD for movie 1, because that would have been yet more disappointing news.

Luckily everything has worked out this time, so if you click here you can visit the movie store, and browse through the items currently available for public sale (although the DVDs are on pre-order only until their formal release on Sunday 2nd January).

So far, we have had a record number of pre-orders for this second generation of DVD, so thank you to everyone who has brought a copy so far, I've been busy dispatching copies of the DVD today, and I thank you for purchasing a copy of the DVD because it means your supporting this project - suggest it to your friends as well!

Thanks everyone and have a great start to your new year in two days!

Animator Meerkat

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but no one else is going to deliver the message, so the role falls to me. Regrettably, specialeffectskat, Dave, has had to leave the project due to unforeseen issues.

He unfortunately does not only not have the time to animate a fully 3D film any more, but also he has some personal issues that he needs to get sorted out before he can think of much else. By personal issues, I mean unforeseen circumstances for him in his personal life which he needs to get sorted out in the quickest time possible. 

I hasten to reassure you that ever since I found out the news this morning, I have been seeking the best talent available to take over from him. At this current point, I have no news for you, but as soon as I achieve some responses and some news, you'll be the first to be updated - you loyal website viewers.

In a way, I am rather happy that he finally made his mind up, because I haven't had contact with him since before November, and I was getting worried. At least now we know where we stand and can make adjustments and try to find someone to replace the role as 3D animator.

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a good Christmas, I sure did. Hopefully your beginning to settle back into normal life after the excitement of the weekend - well, all until next weekend!

Some exploding (get it? Fireworks equals celebrations equals new years eve? No? Ok) news for you all right now, you can now watch all of the movies so far, in one single segment, over on YouTube. I wont be doing advertising for them again, so they might not get above 500 views, but we'll just add their totals to the viewing figures we have had for the separate films.

On Boxing Day, I took the chance to get some recording for movie 4 under way, and I got one of the voice actors to record her lines. I've safely added them to her folder now. Speaking of which, the guest stars whom we expect will be joining us for this movie have been sent their lines, and one of them expects to start recording in the next few days, and the other expects to start next week, so we'll see how it goes.

It does make sense after all, because January was always meant to be recording month, and it looks like it is going to be the period where Picture Meerkat comes to Meerkat HQ to record his lines! So we should have a busy January news wise, so be ready for it people!

The web store is now up and running on this very website, if you head to the movie store by clicking here you will see some great items which may well catch your eyes. At the minute, we only have the second generation/edition DVDs on sale in the web store, but we'll be adding new merchandise soon if the DVD sales take off. We have already had interest from a few people, and a few others are debating whether to go for the purchase or not. One DVD is only £3 which is a bargain, so head over to the store and grab your new generation copy now.

Don't know what is new in generation 2? Head to the store, it has got all the details!

Animator Meerkat

Hi Everyone,

Good news for all you movie fans! The first and third movie are now available here on the website as YouTube embeds but in only one part! YouTube have changed their limitations and allowed certain channels to have videos of limitless length. We are one of these channels, and therefore I took the chance to upload the full movies in single parts! 

If you look at the Watch the Movies Here page, which is now the second page on the website, you can find movies 1 and 3 in full, one parts. Unfortunately, movie 2 is yet to become available in one segment and this is because I no longer have that file on my computer, and unlike movie 1, movie 2 was not available on Veoh, and therefore I couldn't download it straight from there.

Don't threat though because I have been working over the last few hours and have successfully managed to build a full copy of movie 2, which I then re-exported and now the full movie 2 is on my computer. Therefore, in the next few days (probably not until Monday because of the Christmas weekend!) I will be re-uploading movie 2, also in a single part! I urge you to ask people to watch the movie, either through the website or through the YouTube channel (meerkatmovies) because this will help these single segment parts to gain as many views as the original uploads.

On other movie news, the second generation of movie DVD is now in production. What that means, is I have revamped the whole DVD system, and can now offer the third movie (and hopefully over the next two weeks the other two as well) in a dazzling new view. As part of this revamp I have redone all the movie menus with full flash capabilities and I have also tried to up the quality of the audio and the video you find on our DVDs at the minute.

This new generation of DVD from us will be released in the new year to the world, with a new page on the website where there shall be an online shop, in which you can purchase which ever movie you should like to. I will hopefully be making an ad campaign for this, in which I will showcase all of the changes and features in this new generation of DVD, but that will all come after the Christmas Weekend!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Animator Meerkat
Hello Everyone,

Finally, today I have some really exciting news to update you all about. Since the beginning of the movie series, most people (e.g. podcast/special feature fans) will know that what really annoyed me was that we do everything ourselves, apart from the music, which we have always had to find online, and therefore use someone else's music. Everything changes. Today.

I am dead excited to announce the addition of a new member of the team, as chosen by myself. Jeremiah Pena, a 16 year old game/film composer from Utah, USA. For this movie, movie 4, he will be composing original music for the film, including an original theme tune, credit music, action scene music etc. This is really exciting news for the movie series and for all of you! It means, movie 4, will be the first movie which will be completely original. 

If the movie series continues past movie 4, Jeremiah will hopefully stay on the team too, but lets not jump the guns just yet! I have added a new page, which you can get to from here on the website. It includes information about him, and his work as well as some great music from his YouTube channel which I've embedded! 

Looks like movie 4 has just got a whole lot more exciting!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

I thought the title was pretty fitting for what we have had the last two to three weeks. Yes, this seems to be a rather silent section in movie history, in which I have little to update you on, but with a few minutes spare today, I felt it was time to give you the update! The cogs are beginning to turn and we can begin to update you more regularly.

First and foremost, I'm hoping to confirm to you all a guest over the next two to three weeks, he just wants Christmas off, and then intends to begin movie work with us! If I can help it, he will become a regular movie/podcast addition to the team, which would be quite interesting! As soon as I know more, I'll be sure to let you know!

Picture Meerkat has begun work on some animating. He has managed to find some time during the Christmas break to begin movie work. When I say he has begun animating, I mean the pre-animating stage, where he draws out the different characters, vehicles, objects etc. and then he uses them to animate the entire movie. He has drawn a ship for you all, every view covered and he sent it to me this morning and it looked lovely!

Good job, for once, Picture Meerkat!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry about that severely rude interruption down below. Picture Meerkat doesn't tell me when he is going to hijack the blog, and it always surprises me when I next visit and there is a post that I didn't leave already there! As Picture said, he can't/won't animate anything until February 8th 2011, which is pushing everything back a lot. Hopefully, voicing will still go ahead in January/April, I see no reason why recording should stop (I'm just waiting for more information as to when Picture is coming down to record!) so stay tuned for more news on that.

As Picture said, (unfortunately... I joke ;) hehe) he is not dead, and in fact lives on. What gets me, is that for the past year he hasn't posted on his page of the website once and leaves me to do it all even when I'm really busy! He reckons he doesn't have time to animate until February, but what about the last year! Where has he been when I needed him to update the website - he couldn't be bothered!

Anyway, rant over, the new vlog, vlog 2, is live now. You can find it on the homepage of the website, or by going to the YouTube channel, or alternatively visiting the new page of the website. Yes, that's right! We have a new page exclusively for the vlog, click here to go and visit that page and catch up on the latest vlog news!

With any luck, I'll be able to announce a guest star for movie 4 in the next couple of weeks, I am in conversation (as you know) with a number of people, but I have downsized my expectations a bit. We were trying to clench hold of deals with the likes of Katy Perry, Pixie Lott and other famous stars, but I realised this was a bit out of reach for a project of this size at this stage in time, therefore I have downsized (by about half a centimeter!) to the famous YouTube up-loaders over on YouTube!

I'm in talks with a number of them now (3 or 4, where 1 of them has already replied and said he might be able to do the April recording, though I'm not announcing his name until we have the recording at Movie HQ!). Therefore, if you know any famous YouTube up-loaders that you like, and you have their email address, comment this post, let me know and they could be in the new movie in your favourite animated meerkat series!

Animator Meerkat.
Hello there! Once again I hijack Animator Meerkat's blog, this time to let you know that I am not dead, and there is no need to send out a search party to look for me, even though I haven't posted on my own blog since January... Oh, and to let everybody know that due to pressing and important matters, no animating work will take place on Movie 4 until February 8th. Sorry! Simples!

Picture Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

Suddenly I feel like I have so much news for you all, all the time! I mean, everyday at the minute I'm updating you with something new, whereas last month we were lucky if I got the chance to update once a week!

I have got some honors for my other YouTube channel, although I'm sure you've seen them if you wanted to over the last few days, so I wont post them at the bottom of this post today (as I would usually) because there is nothing new, just clenching hold of what I have already got!

The big movie news is the script has been finished today. I pulled out all the stops to get the script finished and all 17 pages of it are now complete with stage directions, timings and pure movie magic! I'm glad to see the back of the script writing because I find it can get quite tedious at times, so I'm glad to be finished with that for a bit! Tonight, I have sent out the script to the various people that need a copy and with any luck they will have a chance to look at it over the next few days!

Picture Meerkat has already told me that this month is going to be a slow month movie wise from him, and we can't expect much better next month, which is a real shame. That's why the rest of us (especially Kyle and I!) will do our best to continue to be here and update you with all the latest news as we hear it!

As I keep mentioning, there are a number of special guests I'm in contact with, and I'm hoping to confirm at least one for the fourth movie if not two, but I'm writing this in the post because I want to remind you that it might well go belly up, and then they might not be able to make it into the recording stage with us. So please, don't feel annoyed if we don't end up getting a special guest, I'm doing the best I can!

Finally, today, I have recorded the new episode of the vlog series that Kyle and I are doing to show you what is happening behind the scenes here at the movie series. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click HERE to visit the homepage and watch Kyle's first episode of the video diary type side project we have now introduced. For episode two, which I'll begin editing tomorrow, I have included an intro theme, music, effects and generally it looks a lot more polished, and I hope you will agree when you guys finally get to see it!

Animator Meerkat

Hi Everyone,

As you can see, I'm getting back into the swing of things and I'm updating you with more news, more regularly! So happy days everyone! The first thing to point out is my other YouTube channel has maintained a number of honors, both for videos and for the channel, so you can check those honors out, as always, at the bottom of the post!

I have been busy script writing today, and when I did my read through about half an hour ago, I noticed that I have written about 44 minutes worth of screen time and movie for you all! This means, I only need to write anywhere between another 2 and another 6 minutes, which is excellent news for me because I was beginning to run out of ideas. I have one really good idea for the finish that kind of ties the events of the movie up together, which is exactly what I was trying to use for the ending, which is excellent for me as well! I hope to finish the script and get it to sent out to the people that need it tomorrow.

Finally, I have got a number of people still in questioning about becoming special guests for the fourth movie. Unfortunately, none of them have sent me recordings yet, so I still can't announce any names. Luckily though, a number of them have told me they're recording lines for me at the minute, therefore I hope to secure at least one, if not two (or more) special guests (and I mean proper special guests!) for the fourth movie!

Oh, and by the way, the new proper Christmas banner is now above, check it out!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat