Hi Everyone,

How are we all doing?

I hope your Monday is going well! Mine sure is as I'm gearing up for my birthday tomorrow when I'll be 16 (what a scary though ey? I wonder how Picture Meerkat copes with that age!!). You can send all your presents too... actually, I wouldn't ask that of you guys. If you do want to give me a birthday present, go watch the video attached later on in this post!!

The video at the bottom of this post (just mentioned) is the first episode of my first semi-professional online TV series. If you remember, a few months ago Picture Meerkat, the Reverend, Lardich and I all went to a location to film an agent movie. This was quite a good video and I'm now making basic arrangements for the sequel to this! In the mean time, I've been working on this new series, which we're going to go back to, in order to finish filming at the site.

We even got an honour on YouTube today for this video!! Check it out below!

I really hope you like this episode and I look forward to Picture Meerkat's comments!! Hopefully they'll be good!!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

How are you all today? I hope you're well. The reason I write this post is not because I have something interesting to tell you but more that I wanted to let you know I hadn't forgotten about you! I still check the website statistics every day, in fact it is one of the first things I do when I turn on my computer!

I've been busy working on some big projects for my YouTube channel, such as my first ever pilot online TV show episode, which I'm planning to release at the end of August! It's really exciting to think I'm working on something that could potentially be so big! I mean, we went to a set to film it (which contained old fashioned replica buildings all made to look from the time) and we used costumes and I had actors and a filming crew and it is all so exciting! I'll post you all a link when its done. 

In fact, it is what I'm going to edit once I'm finished updating you with this little message! Unfortunately, I don't have anything about the movies to update you with because the last I know is that the recording took place when I hosted it back in May! I believe Picture Meerkat was meant to be buying a web camera to record the rest of the audio that didn't get recorded, but who knows what happened with that! Maybe he has got one, I wouldn't know any more!

I'm very much out of the loop this day, which is the way I need it to be because I have other things that I now focus my time on, but I didn't want Picture Meerkat to drill into your heads that you were neglected!! I'm still here and when I do have something interesting to tell you (although it will probably be non-movie related) I'll write it right here!

Oh yes and check the homepage if you haven't seen my little changes! Hope you like it!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

:This week's evidence would suggest Picture Meerkat is going back to his usual ways as there has been no post by him in over a week and I've had to take over once again! Animator to the rescue! Unfortunately this display of incompetence (hehe!) caused me to have to change the title of my post, so I'll now explain below.

The 'Meerkats in... etc.' part of the title was my playing homage to the Sound of Music (taken from 'Favourite Things' the song, with adapted lyrics). Now I've explained the meaning of the title to those of you with little understanding of great films and stage productions (Picture Meerkat? hehe!) let's explain why it was in the title.

You'll remember that a couple of weeks ago I released a picture here on the website from my new Come Dine With Me parody that I worked on with my friends from drama. Since that date, the video now came out (yesterday actually) and I thought you might all appreciate a chance to see the video, so I've embedded it at the bottom of the post. I hope you like it. Which ever group gets the most views wins a trophy so click below and view it to help us win (share the link with friends and family - any true meerkat fan would!!)

Just to clear up one thing, I do also feel that the meerkat mask looks a bit like a lion but this is the official mask from compare the meerkat, so it is surprising that it is rather unrealistic, but what can I do?


Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

Rather annoyed because you would have had a new post from me last night, but I got to the end, embedded the picture (see below) and then somehow clicked the wrong button and deleted the lot! I wish weebly had an auto save feature sometimes, so I wouldn't have had to type this out again.

Before I get on to the main story of this post, who else could really try and cook a computer cable?!? Only Picture Meerkat's family! Can you believe he moans when I point out his incompetence! Hehe. I think he's obviously spent too long animating meerkats and has convinced himself that meerkats eat computer cables! Might want to check Wikipedia there Picture!

Anyway, so the reason I've popped by is to tell you about a new meerkat project I'm involved in. I'm sorry if you think my blog (the news page) is going slightly off topic recently, but I know literally as much as you! My only source of news is Picture's Blog, so until I read that each week I have no idea whether he's animated something or burnt his computer cables! I really have very little to do with the meerkat movie process now, which is exactly what I wanted, so I have time to focus on other more pressing projects.

At my drama club, we were told about a new project in which we had to make a video (edit/film/upload etc.) to youtube, and whichever group got the most views won a trophy award! We've been working hard on our idea (my group) and after originally planning to do a Rebecca Black parody decided to our own version of Come Dine With Me, but in our version, Hitler held a dinner party for Churchill, Lord Sugar and me - Aleksandr Orlov! My Aleksandr is slightly different to the original, mainly in his costume, but I'll give you a little preview at the end of this post!

Once the actual video is up on Saturday 2nd July, I'll embed it in a post for you all to see, because any one of you meerkat fans should want to help us win by clicking and reloading the page a million times! I mean, after all, it features Aleksandr Orlov and its played by a representative (me) from the Edvard Orlovski series!

Anyway, picture below! I'm sure Picture Meerkat will disapprove for whatever reason he can think of this time! 

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

Just to update you on a couple of small matters:

The new banner is now up on the website. It gives a hint as to when you can expect to see the new movie coming out, at least I assume that is what it refers to because I am told nothing around here any more! hehe!

Also, you may remember Picture Meerkat and I had been talking for months about a workshop day we were doing where we would be spending the whole day filming a real life high quality video. The video came out online yesterday and so far has got some good reactions, as can be seen in the comments. I released it as a series to build tension and this involved each week something new in regards to the video coming out.

At the bottom of this post you can find all four videos in the series: the first trailer, the second trailer, the behind the scenes and then eventually the finished and complete video. The video features the musical genius of one of my online YouTube friends, he composed the full track from scratch for this series, which is why it fits perfectly into the video!

I am sure in my mind that upon this post I will receive an email from Picture Meerkat telling me everything he thinks is wrong or unrealistic about this video, but all of my YouTube subscribers thoroughly enjoyed the video and thought it was well made, edited and produced. 

Congratulations to everyone involved!

Animator Meerkat

Hi Guys,

I'm really busy at the minute, but I've decided to spare a minute and drop by to write you all an interesting, intriguing and thought provoking post. In simple terms, the exact opposite of anything you'd find on Picture Meerkat's Blog, which is rather straight forward and dull. There is one thing though that you might be interested to go and see on that blog page - the cover for movie 4 will be finally unveiled next Friday, so if you would like to see the completed cover visit his blog!

When I'm not on the website, as always you can catch up with me over on my YouTube channel by visiting www.youtube.com/theteentalks - I update over there twice a week, and it has paid off because this week I've crossed 1k (1,000) subscribers over on that channel which is amazing news for me! Thank you to any of you that are subscribed to that channel and enjoy my videos over there (I've attached my thank you for 1,000 video at the bottom of this post to get your thoughts)

Over in Picture Meerkat's latest blog post he has made reference to upcoming trailers, I wont iterate here what I have said over there, so if you are interested to know about upcoming trailers, again visit the Picture Meerkat's blog page of this website!

To round off this post, I thought I'd let you into a secret. We are planning a very special episode of the podcast in the next few weeks because it will have Kyle, I and Picture Meerkat (possibly even Lardich) on it for the first time every (altogether). Another secret? OK! We might even film some video, so you can see us talking while you listen on YouTube or download our voices in the episode for free on iTunes!

See, when I update on the website, there is something actually worth saying!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

You may notice my posts becoming irregular, but I really have very little to update you on at the minute. The only good thing is at least I'm updating at least once a month, last year Picture Meerkat didn't update in an entire year! 

Anyway, the team are meeting up in the coming weeks for our special competition workshop which we've mentioned in the podcast and on the website several times since last November! It is finally upon us, and we've got props and costumes and we're going to be making a great short video clip for you of about 3/4 minutes with guns, explosions and 007 style agents! That is all I'm saying for now, if you want more details, you'll have to wait until I've edited the video (after we film it in the coming weeks)! I'll be uploading the finished video to my YouTube channel anyway in June, so I'll link you then!

While we meet up, Picture Meerkat and I will be doing some recording! Unfortunately, this time we only have about 2 hours of time to record in, so we're going to have to go quite quick! 

Hopefully we will get it all done!

Animator Meerkat
Hi Everyone,

I made a new episode of the podcast the other day, of which I posted online, and is now available on iTunes. I didn't expect Picture Meerkat would have told you because he doesn't use any slightly interesting software (hehe aka iTunes) so probably has not seen it himself! If you'd like to find out where you can download it, go to the iTunes podcast page of this very website!

If you read Picture Meerkat's blog, you'll know that he is planning to upload a new banner soon. Thank goodness for that, we haven't had a new one since his one year anniversary in January! That is slacking on his part for you. I bet his Easter Banner will not be as good as my interactive one last year where the eggs opened and people were inside, and you could click on the people to go to special surprises! No way will it be that good! Hehe!

He is also showing a bit of the new cover artwork each week on his blog so you might want to have a look (so much promotion for him in this post, I'm being too kind!) It isn't the best one we'd done, the second generation third movie DVD is the best one yet, but it doesn't look awful, just not amazing either!

Animator Meerkat

Hi Everyone,

Doesn't it make a change ey? A whole month with weekly posts from Picture Meerkat on his blog, but only one post from me! It's so great for me not having to think about this everyday at the minute! Nice for him to feel how frustrating it is when no one else is updating the website with content!

Well I'm sorry for leaving you in his less than capable (grubby meerkat) paws, but I really have had nothing to update you on. At the minute we are going through a bit of a slow period where I have been thinking about other things because there is no news at this end of the movie project!

I'm letting Picture Meerkat pull his weight on this movie, so he is doing the animating as well (as you already knew) so you might have the movie by Christmas! You know how long everything takes him!

Anyway, the little I do have to say is recording has fallen through again! I do wonder if it is ever going to happen! It was rather annoying really because we had a whole two week period, and we needed one day we could both do. Unfortunately, Picture Meerkat limited the whole process down from the outset, because he could only come on the 18th and 19th of April. Its my Dad's birthday on the 18th (happy birthday Dad!) so I was hardly going to make my Dad sit through this boring recording day, watching us record. I was happy for Chris to come on the 19th, but by the time he got back with dates, something had come up and I was unable to be part of the day.

So we postponed again! No worries though, because we'll be meeting up in May for the workshop day, in which we have to shoot a short film to enter into a competition at the end. Luckily, I've been gathering props for this and I've got a great action shooter for the team and I to film! Going to look amazing! Once we know whether it wins the competition or not I'll be uploading it to my youtube (which is where most of my spare time is going at the minute!) www.youtube.com/theteentalks so check it out if you want some cool content from me twice a week!

Have a good Easter if I don't speak to you all before hand!

Animator Meerkat 
Hi Everyone,

Decided it was time that you guys deserved another update so here it is. Just want to point out that by the time you see Picture Meerkat's posts they are word perfect. You are definitely the lucky ones because he always mistypes something, or the grammar isn't correct, so I have to change it to make sure it makes sense!

Anyway, on to the proper news. I know there have not been any podcasts in a while, the Rev and I are working desperately hard to arrange times and dates to make the series more regular again! As it stands, the next podcast episode will be filmed this coming Thursday, and every Thursday after that we will try and find time for recording a podcast! If this is not possible, we will wait until the following week. This means we aim for an episode or two per month from now on. 

This will not work out though, because Picture Meerkat and I have some important months ahead of us, so we shall not be able to spare lots of time for this project, but we'll do our best! Back to normal by July!

This does mean that you have not heard all the special guest announcements! I do have another special guest confirmed, and I think he is the last one of our special guests. I'm waiting for the podcast episode we're hoping to record this Thursday to announce it, so I'll post a link as soon as that episode is ready. I aim for the episode to be released this weekend if it is possible to record, if we can't get a room in the office free to record, the episode wont be recorded until next week, so there will be no new episode this weekend.

Finally, I thought you guys might like to see what I've been doing with my time while away from typing for the website! Well, I've been working hard on my YouTube channel, and more recently (this weekend) I made a video to give hope to the people of Japan following the tsunami and earthquake that hit last Friday. This video was purposed with spreading awareness to the people who didn't know about what had happened yet, whilst also at the same time giving hope to the Japanese people that did get to see it (about 500 of the views have been confirmed from insight statistics to have come from the country!)

The video has today crossed 5,000 views which is amazing being it has only been out for the weekend! We're hoping it can make a difference to the people of Japan and their outlook on life after one of the most devastating events in their history. This video achieved 36 honours this morning, but by tonight it had 33, so I'll post them all below, after the embedded video! I'd be grateful if you could check it out!

See, it was worth the wait for my next post, mine are always of some kind of reasonable length!

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