I think we are doing alright between us, upholding a post a day, or if not a day one every few days! The FIRST teaser trailer has gone live, although I ask you to realise this is NOT the film trailer. This is just a teaser trailer to get you ready for the film when it is released. Every few weeks/months we will post another one of these teaser trailers then eventually we will release the actual trailer, and then the film :) So please note, some of the clips you see in the teaser trailer, may appear in the finished trailer. The trailer will not be released until alot nearer the time because we want to give you some great clips to look at. These clips in the finished trailer are not all made yet though, being that the film is still in early production. Production has been going on about a month and 3/4 now. The reason it takes us so long is this is a pass time activity. We do not do this movie all day every day. We just try to do more to it every day if possible. Also, just a little inside news, Picture Meerkat sent me a video of he PLANE scene he mentioned in the last post. Obviously, no videos of it yet because it is to appear in a later movie, but it does look excellent. Hopefully he hasn't donated all his time to that because the other scene he is working on, the fight scene could do with some work so it can be nearly done. One problem is that Picture Meerkat doesn't have Edvard Orlovski at his home burrow, and nor do I. So this means we have to wait until we get to Burrow HQ to get him. We will not be visiting this place until Monday so then we will have Edvard at our home burrows. This is why Picture Meerkat had been working on the plane scene and not the fight scene. He needs Edvard's Flash File for most of this, and he simply doesn't have it at his home burrow yet. He better get it on Monday because otherwise I will go BLOW HIS HOME BURROW UP... Jokes... I think. Loyal fans, please leave us some comments and also head to our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/th3appstorereviewer so that you can personal message us there. IF you do, it means we will be able to feature some of your artwork, trailers, thoughts etc. up here on the website :) 

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