Hiya Guys,

A quick update here for you. I am hoping to get the second half of the scientist scene done tonight. It is the part where they have gone back to the lab. It is going to be great. Got the feedback back today from Picture Meerkat. Now he has seen the scene (hehe joke) I am very happy because he said he likes it. He told me that it was good and he liked the way I did... oh something, I can't remember. I did have a problem with that scene. It was juddering about and shaking. But have fixed that, he was sent the finished one las night. I will probably be starting meerkat film work at about 8PM tonight, may start a little before. I am going to settle down, watch Waterloo Road, and do lots of meerkat work for the lab scene. I have loads of work to be getting on with first. 

The onion-skin thing I mentioned yesterday? Picture Meerkat has now scrapped it. There was a thing that was going to happen but now we are using it for something else. Now worries! There will still be an onion-skin type revolution all the way through. Just not what we had expected. We were going to use this picture Picture Meerkat has created for the films. Now we are using it to up our standards for the second movie in which we are going to do lots more work with making the meerkats work like real meerkats do. The walking effect should be a LOT better. 

Picture Meerkat assures me it is back to work with his fight scene now, he is using this image that I mentioned above (yes the one to make the second movie great) and he is using it to make meerkats jump, throw stuff, sword fight, roll, crouch, duck... You know what, any action movement you can think of, Picture Meerkat will get them doing it given half the chance! Leaving me to get us nearer to that 20 minutes complete target for soon. The movie is really coming along. It just reminds me that the problem with the mouths movement is dawning on us. I really am not looking forward to that bit. If we can find a way to make it easier I will try to use it. If any of you have any ideas, leave a comment on this post, it will help to make the movie be released quicker.

As you know, I post more often on the website, that is because I am cooler :) Picture Meerkat has a blog, but this is the news blog and it is my blog. So it means that I release lots more because its the news page, news is being discovered all the time, whereas Picture Meerkat has to create loads of pictures etc. to have something to tell you! I am hoping that he will explain this whole OPTIMIZATION and FIGHT SCENE thing with you on his page, I don't know much about it yet.

Thanks again guys for supporting us! Back to work now!

Also, hope you celebrate Remembrance Day today. I certainly did. Those soldiers deserve our remembrance!

Animator Meerkat


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