Hiya Guys,

On the homepage, as you may have noticed, there is a NEW countdown timer. This is a countdown timer until March, but will be amended if the movie becomes ahead or behind schedule and is due to be released at a different date. The time and date on the home screen, as well as month, and possibly year, can change. But this gives you a good indication of how long you have to wait for the movie to be released!

Also, on the picture page, there are NEW pictures, new concepts! I have added 4 or 5 new concept art pieces to the page from both the mongoose and meerkat backgrounds. Some of the characters haven't been uploaded because it would give too much of the story away. BUT, for now, this is enough to keep you going. We hope to upload more soon.

Finally, I am going to start work on a NEW trailer tonight, which will be released nearer to Christmas. That is, unless we manage to have the movie complete in time, and then the movie will be released Christmas Day on YouTube. But, as it stands, we will just have a trailer for you, coming very soon. I start work on this at about 7:30pm tonight, so only a few hours left to wait guys!

Hope you like the new concepts and timer!

Animator Meerkat


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