Sorry, I haven't posted in a while, I know! I am desperately trying to get the movie done ASAP. I have just counted and found that nine of the scenes that need voicing have now had voice added. I am so happy that we are this close to completing it. Had a few timing issues, most scenes have been fine about it but the scientists scene required so much changing that it meant I was slightly worried. I am now NOT looking forward to seeing if there are any more scenes that will require that much change because they are awful! There is so much to change.

Oh well, that is me done for tonight, if I got another 9 done tomorrow we would nearly be done! We haven't put the mouth shapes in yet so you can tell who is talking, that is the last part of the movie to do. That will come once all the voicing has been added.

Speak to you soon... I hope!

Animator Meerkat!


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