Hiya Guys!

How come we have 35 views yesterday? What did we do right? Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on how to get us into the thousands of views, just let us know, because we would be very grateful! 

I have also managed to add a visitor counter on the menu page, check it out to see how many views we have had since 18th November '09 at 17:24! It is great to see how well we are going to be doing!
We are really happy that people are taking notice of our site, we just need to make the view counter go really high, if anyone has any ideas, as I said, leave them in the comments to this post.

Tonight, I start work on a NEW trailer, it will have audio and video except the audio will be SERGEI talking! YES, our own SERGEI! Can't wait to hear what it sounds like. Also, we will be adding into it some clips including the following letters: MD. Any idea what it might stand for? That is all I am giving away for now. I started it last night. It looks AWESOME!

Picture Meerkat is still doing his fight scene, though now we hope to release the film at 12:00am New Year's Day GMT time, he plans to do lots of pictures and sets etc. on flash next week so I can get the movie finished in time. This is only our ESTIMATED time. It MAY take longer and have to go back to March but who knows.

Back to work for me! Not meerkat work until 8pm tonight (GMT) 

Keep watching the website.

Animator Meerkat



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