Hi Guys!

No, phew, the ship is all fine. But the scene is looking great. I have just finished the first half of a scene containing mongoose scientists. Don't want to give too much away, because then you would have nothing to look forward to. BUT it does look good. I decided to split the scene into two parts because the first part is like 3 minutes odd long and the file would just be MASSIVE and harder to edit. So two parts people. Part 1 is done, another 3-4 minutes on to the film length. I would say we are about a quarter of our way through the first movie now, being its about just over 1 hour long, and we have done about 15 minutes. So, it is just about 1/4 or there abouts. Picture Meerkat has just been sent the first half of this scientist scene I was talking about, I do not know what he thinks of it yet, I am hoping for positive feedback, because when it took you about 4-5 hours, you definitely take the criticism to heart! So we will see what he thinks.

Had a meeting today (Picture Meerkat and I). We have been discussing, yes, you guessed it. Picture Meerkat's favourite topic. FUTURE MOVIES! You may/may not be aware we hope to do 7 movies. This is obviously the first. We have decided on a bit of an onion skin experience for you guys. Which sounds weird, but I just mean we are going to reveal things every movie, until the end where everything becomes clear. It is going to be good. I just want the first one finished first, that would be nice. 

This website is doing really good for views, what makes me laugh is one day I turn on and it says something horribly low like 1 view. Then the next day I turn on the website to leave a post, and it  has gone up to about 30! How does this work? Well, I am not complaining, I am just happy people have chosen to watch the site as we progress towards the movie release, and also future movie release.

Right got to go, some audition things I have :)

Don't worry, this is my priority before the audition stuff :)

Watch this space :) (I have always wanted to say that hehe)

Thanks again!

Animator Meerkat


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