Hiya Guys!

Picture Meerkat and I are EXTREMELY bogged down with other work tonight so there will not be much improvements on the position of the movie. I did deliver some sound effects to Picture Meerkat earlier but as to how much time he has to do meerkat things tonight... I don't know. BUT I do know this is my meerkat time, writing a quick post to say sorry for not being able to do any tonight. 

This said, Picture Meerkat is nearly finished with his fight scene (thank meergod!) and he is going to be sending me a scene hopefully by SATURDAY NIGHT because then we could have another section of the movie out the way, the closer we are getting to finishing the better.  BUT we want it out by New Year's Day don't we? I can't see it happening we only have 5-6 weeks and we are only 1/3 done at most. PLUS, I am only going to get to start work on the voices for my trailer tomorrow night, well, if Picture Meerkat remembers to send me the mouth shapes! So I won't be really advanced enough to release it by then I don't think . What we hope to do is to release it either New Year's Day or some time in January, I think the second of the two options is possible!

Thanks again guys!

Animator Meerkat


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