Animator Meerkat here, but did I really need to tell you that? Tonight is going to be a SLOW night meerkat movie wise. Picture Meerkat has started work on the fight scene once again, but he is making it WAY to complicated for the first movie, it has taken him over an hour to do the first 2.4 seconds! I wish he would leave that kind of animating until movie 2!

I need to get a certain flash concept art drawing from him, but he is obviously doing the fight scene. So this means he is going to have to take a break from the fight scene at some point today because I need that concept sent to me ASAP! This means then I can finish this two part mongoose scientist scene. Looks like it will be 5 - 6 minutes long. Hopefully we will be 1/3 of the way through the movie once Picture Meerkat finishes his fight scene!

We started auditions, choosing parts today. We have a very methodical way of doing it. We both wanted to be one or two of the characters so we put it down to our neutral judgekat who then announced who he thought should be what part. All the other parts, will be split evenly between Picture Meerkat, me and the two voice meerkats. So far, the following has been confirmed:

Edvard Orlovski - Animator Meerkat (ME!)
Dimitrii - Picture Meerkat

and a possible roll is me as Meelin. This was not my idea, it was Picture Meerkat's idea. Though I don;t mind because Meelin is a great character.

Also, we may have a NEW voice meerkat joining us. He asked us today during auditions if he could have a part in the movie, and we believe, after lots of discussion, that he is going to be great as one of the mongooses who turn up near the end of the movie. It is a relatively large roll. We sent him away tonight to record some voicing for us, will see tomorrow what we think and tell him if we are giving him the part or not. I can't wait. I am loving my director's roll in these movies!

If any of you want to be in the films you CAN. To do this, record yourself making a video in a meerkat voice on YouTube, leave the link as a comment in one of these posts, preferably this one because then we will know what you are on about. Then, if we contact you back (either through YouTube or through here) then you MAY be able to get a part in the movie/s. So, give it a go, show us what you got and maybe you could be in the movie/s. This is not for definite. We may select more than one applicant, if people are very good at the auditions. It doesn't matter what you say, just do a meerkat voice, then we will choose a character we think suites you. To be able to enter you need to be:

- in possession or able to get access to a webcam
- committed and determined. 
- able to deliver under pressure, some times we may require you to get voices back to us real quick!

Hopefully that won't be a problem though!

So good luck!

Animator Meerkat


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