How are you today? Me? Great. Just got back from playing snowball fights out in the snow. See, I can have some fun now the movie is finished with! Are you enjoying snow? Or is there no snow for you? Oh well, what ever weather you are enjoying have fun today! As for movie news, today I have created another outtake and it isn't as good as my other one but it is nice. So again, it gives me something to use as my spoiler below, to think, I only need to come up with 6 more spoilers, as you will have the movie the day after these 6 end. How great is it to be so close to the two most anticipated events of the year! We are in the last week, this day next week, we will be hours away from putting the movie online! I can't wait. 

Animator Meerkat!


So you want some winter cheer? Here is another ''here are some words and you have to guess how they are related and what they mean''. So again, today it is related to the out-takes. It is related to the one I created today. So try and guess from these words: indiana, boulder, lardich. Can you guess?

Animator Meerkat


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