Apologies for the really quick post earlier. I didn't want to let people down and not have a spoiler out today, no matter how big or small it was! Tonight, I have buckled right down and now have everything in the movie complete, apart from the end of two scenes, both of which I am waiting for from Picture Meerkat. I hope to add them to the movie tomorrow night because I don't have time now. Tonight, Picture Meerkat has sent me a little clip I had suggested we had at the end. So watch out people! Right at the end of the movie, after all the credits, there is a little clip of what is to come in the next movie. So if you are interested, and want to know, just keep watching! I don't watch credits, they bore me, but this makes it all worth while. I have added music to this clip and everything. Picture Meerkat really made me laugh tonight, because he sent me this clip, and it turns out he had spelt 'coming' wrong at the end of the clip, he had put 'comming'. Now for someone like him, I really was surprised! Yes guys, this is the person who is going to be writing movie two, God help us!

Thanks Guys

Animator Meerkat 


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