For those of you who read my posts regularly (most of you), will notice that my last one commented on me watching the whole movie, as it stands, from start to end. I have just finished this! What an amazing job! Anyway, as most of you know, there are one or two scenes missing from the final file, but from going through the movie so far it is 55 minutes long! As I just said we probably have 5 minutes worth of things to add still. Now, I will reveal what I mean in more detail. There are currently 2 scenes not in the movie. One which is straight forward and predominantly features Sergeii. Then, there is the other one. It is kind of a mash up of four scenes together. Once I am sent these tomorrow night, I will add them in and then hopefully it will be done. By watching it tonight, I have saved my self time for the rest of forever! I don't need to watch it again (apart from the scenes currently missing) until the release day (Christmas Day 2009, make sure you look at it! Either on www.youtube.com/user/th3appstorereviewer OR www.veoh.com and searching for the user: EdvardOrlovskiMovieSeries) and I can't tell you how happy it makes me :). What made me laugh watching the movie back again is, even in your own movie, after watching it through either in parts or all at once there are STILL things you had missed. Even though I wrote and directed and produced it! Oh, the power of media. 

Want your spoiler of the day? It is in the post before this one. 

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