As agreed, a new spoiler for you :) But, as yesterday, that comes at the end, so the people who don't like spoilers don't have to read it :) See, we are ready for ALL eventualities. Anyway, can you believe it? 13 whole days!?! It is amazing to think that we could manage to do this, and actually pull it off. Well, we haven't yet. I hope you enjoy the film when you see it because we have put so much effort into this movie and we just want you to enjoy it, that is the main aim. We have been telling so may people about the films and I hope you like it as much as we have enjoyed making it. So few scenes are left to be finished off and we are totally looking forward to a Christmas Day release. I can't wait! Hope you can't either! We do have a tight schedule because we intend to have the fight scene finished by next Tuesday, if possible. If we can't manage it then we are then leaving this scene for a few days to finish off the other scenes. We have 'one' scene left to do. By that, I mean we have four scenes that merge into one. Don't worry! They are all really quite small scenes, but they tell the tale so had to be there. Anyway, now, for those spoiler haters! Goodbye until tomorrow!

Animator Meerkat


You still here? Good good! I have to think of something to say now. I said a spoiler a day and I find it so hard to try and think of something that is interesting for you guys but doesn't give away too much. So, are you ready? Todays spoiler is as follows. Three characters within the movie has character traits from people we know. Not much of a spoiler? OK, here we go. I give you more! There is a chandelier that has a bit of a problem... You will have to wait for the movie to see what I mean. Who is writing these all down for the test at the end? Joking! 

Thanks so much guys :)

Animator Meerkat



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