12 WHOLE days until Christmas Day and our first Edvard Orlovski Movie is released. I can't wait! It is just so amazing to think in less than two weeks I will be watching the movie on YouTube! Can you believe it! I am really looking forward to it. Anyway, movie progress is very good. To think that it is nearly complete. This afternoon I sent Picture Meerkat some sound effects he needed for that annoying fight scene of his. I hope he can finish it quickly. I have heard from him that he is nearly complete! YIPEE! Then, after that, he can finish the last scenes we need! As I have mentioned before, they merge into one but it is quite a chunk of story! Anyway, spoiler time again so for those spoiler haters!

Animator Meerkat


So, you couldn't help yourself? You had to read on! Don't blame you. Got a nice one for you today. So here it is. We are thinking of adding a nice little bit at the end of the movie where we show you a clip of next movie. This is not confirmed though :) If I have my way, we will have a clip of a girl, and then a nice little music clip to go with this. If I can, and we do have this clip slotted in, I want the music to be a recent song called 'Speechless' who knows it? I am aware of a few songs with the same name though so, which version by which artist? I am not saying :) See, a nice little teaser :)

Thanks Again!

Animator Meerkat 


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