I have loads of news to tell you, as the title suggested. First of all, you know the new theme song I was explaining about? Well I have decided to do it myself to make it easier and quicker. I can announce that it is now complete, video wise. I have lots of music to add because I have finally completed a great video. I am not giving too much away but 3 characters from the movie actually appear in the theme and it is great! Also, there are two videos that I had found online at YouTube and they were really great videos. I contacted both their owners and they have both allowed me to use their videos for the movie. So a big shout out to them! So they are: djsanderdj and also eedobaba7726, so thanks to both of these two for allowing me to use their videos in my movie. One of them (can't remember which one) had a perfect video and I have used the whole sequence. The other one I have had to cut and paste and now am only using about 17 seconds of it. So all together I would say the theme tune is 2 - 3 minutes long which is great because it means it uses up time! I am going to decide tonight whether to still release the Sergeii trailer I made, I don't know what to do. So keep your eyes peeled that might be coming soon!

Thanks Guys, will put an embedded video on the start page where you can see the trailer!

Animator Meerkat 


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