Great news that we finished yesterday isn't it! But work doesn't stop there. As Picture Meerkat mentioned on his blog yesterday we are now creating the special features. Most of these have already been completed as well, but one that we have decided to do being that we had more room then at first expected, is we are going to do some 'funny' scenes or bloopers or muck-ups. Whatever you call them! I think we plan to do 8 and with 6 already complete, it looks promising! I have done one of these funny scenes, with Picture Meerkat wanting to do the rest. But I make up for doing only one, mine is awesome! So no worries! I will use todays spoiler to mention a bit about my funny scene.

Animator Meerkat


Yes, so my special feature that I have just finished working on is actually a funny scene! I am currently waiting for the thumbs up from Animator. But anyway, hopefully more of you have stayed today because this isn't too movie related, it is about the special features. Mine is in the send of party of Edvard's. I am not giving away much, so this is all you are getting from me. Keep the following words in mind (they are clues!) boat, Celiene Dion and Sergeii! Oh the fun! Can you guess it?

Animator Meerkat


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