Not much to say today. I have held off of doing more special features now because I am getting carried away! I have had about another 6 ideas for special features, but I will save them for the second movie DVD. 

I have emailed iTunes about the possibility of putting our movie (and all the special features) up   on their site, either for a price or for free. We are now in deep discussion about the different possibilities. Feel free to leave a comment on this post to tell us what you know about the process etc.

Spoiler Time!

Animator Meerkat


So, todays spoiler. Can you believe it! We are in the last 3 whole days until the movie comes out :) I am so excited. This has allowed me to be generous with todays spoiler, so here we go. One of the characters in the first few scenes, dies in the second movie :) Oooh the suspense! 2 more spoilers coming in the next two days!

Animator Meerkat


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