Hiya guys,

As the observant of you know, I have made a page called successful scripts were you can look at scripts of the movies which have been released already. Had some problems with it though, so are going to try and find an alternative. The only thing is it is copyright us (the script) so we don't want people to be able to copy it. So we are trying to find a way around this. Any ideas people? I would like to take this chance to tell everyone, if you want inside gossip before it is formally announced on here, go to our Facebook page - search for Edvard Orlovski: The Movie Series - were we have announced information before it was announced here. We still haven't announced it here because it is still in discussion. Over at Facebook, they hear it as its happening - you hear it second, that is when it becomes official. So for spoilers and possibilities go over and join them too!

Animator Meerkat


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