Can it be true? Well yes is the answer! Unbelievably, the movie is complete. I have slaved away at my computer the whole night, making sure that the whole movie was ordered, flowed and exported. I can tell you we have completed our task! I have even split it into 7 parts to be put onto YouTube (Veoh fans your getting one full length part cause veoh allows us to do this!). Part 1 will have to be edited before the movie is released to contain an extra voice, which is currently missing. But it will not be recorded until the day. So if it isn't added, we don't mind as it isn't needed, just wanted.

Today, Picture Meerkat started work on another Special Feature! I can announce below as the spoiler of the day exactly what it was! This is a good spoiler, you don't want to miss it. 

Animator Meerkat


It is out-takes! Funny scenes from the movie, where things happen that shouldn't! See you tomorrow guys!

Animator Meerkat


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