I am only posting today because I don't want to turn into a Picture Meerkat, who never posts on his page! I am actually really excited about tomorrow! In the archive on this page it will show a new month :D. As the post title suggests, I think in the Chinese New Year (which, yes, I know, isn't tomorrow!) they should have a year of the meerkat. That would be amazing! 

Anyway, for the main attraction. I was puzzling over an idea last night. I think, for the release of the second movie (which will probably come out in the 2nd half of next year!) we should release a special edition of movie one, in which we could have it translated into 4 different languages. I was thinking we could have English, Spanish, Italian and French. What we would do, is subtitle each movie with the correct words for the language it is in, this would allows us more views. This would be for the people in other countries who don't have a clear knowledge of English and would like to see it in their own language. Who knows, it may happen. 

Also, as you may have noticed, for weeks before the release of the movie, I was going on about how there were 6 special features etc. Well, lots of people have been wondering, where are these special features? Well, in true movie style, you have to wait a few weeks! I am seeing Picture Meerkat soon, and so shall talk to him about a date for uploading - and also discuss which ones will actually be uploaded - because I think some of them should be reserved for the DVD buyers only, so there is an advantage to getting the DVD! Oh, and I have updated the site chat room page!

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