I am really happy because I found out today that if I don't want people to be able to view an uploaded YouTube video I can set it to private and only allow certain people to watch it. So, what I did was make it so only I could watch it and that means I can upload the whole movie during the next few days, but I won't put it 'public' until Christmas Day. So the whole movie could be online now, but you can't view it! Well, its not all online yet! Anyway, got to go!

Animator Meerkat


Todays spoiler is to do with the actual movie, not special features. All I am going to say is focus on the teacher carefully ;) she appears later on in the movie as we didn't want to draw another character just yet. The second time we see her in the movie, she doesn't speak, and it isn't meant to be her, but they look the same!

Animator Meerkat


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