So yes, I know the app is meant to be out by now, but unfortunately it isn't with us yet. This is because the 'Sergeii' voice is apparently to hard to understand, we are questioning Apple, and we are hoping that they will let it through, if not, our app dream is over.

I have created a new Facebook group, solely related to 'Meerkat Fans' in the hope I can get loads of people to join, and I can then go on and drag people into this amazing website and amazing movies!

Picture Meerkat spoke to me today about the fact that I had ranted about the patterns that he keeps commenting on. By this I mean the statistics on our website. Today is a very nice high, and it looks like the statistics are having a good day today. They are at a high from the last few days. I don't know how we have suddenly got so many new views, but I am certainly happy that we have.

Thanks guys!

Animator Meerkat 


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