As mentioned earlier Edvard Orlovski: The Movie Series has had an iPhone app made. The application is now made and has been submitted, meaning we should see it on the iTunes App Store within the next few days - we are predicting about a week, but it could be as low as two days. I really can't wait for the app to be released. To think, we have achieved this! An IPHONE APP! I hope you guys get it. Below are some features:

- every movie released to date FREE
- all special features FREE
- Link to this page of the website
- Link to the website
- Link to the YouTube channel
- Did I mention, it's absolutely and completely FREE forever

Thank you so much to Koh Jing Yu, who has made this app for us. I helped with providing the videos etc. the color scheme, pictures and layout was a joint effort. For his website, go to the post below!


Animator Meerkat



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