I have some news for you today. But before we move onto that, due to weather today, I am going to have lots of time on my hands! I look forward to getting deep into one of the main bits of news today. Maybe that doesn't make sense, let me explain!

Well, I have been working on a new by project from the movies recently. It is still totally movie related, but it has given me something to do while I have been waiting for Picture Meerkat to finish the script for the second movie. 

Yesterday, I even wrote two pages of movie 3, but I think I will stop there for now because, this movie doesn't start production for months yet. 

This ''other project'' is about the meerkat movies and is to bring them to you. To transmit them across better to you. So don't think I am doing something non related. We are not giving a full explanation quite yet though, because this site is for official news, this is a ''possibility'' of you like. 

I have given you a good clue to what it is though. Where you say? Go to the YouTube Clips Page of this site and look! There is a new video. It is a new funny video I made yesterday. It is completely unrelated to the meerkat movies, until you get to the end. So watch the whole thing, and then you will realise what I am talking about. Then it is all explained in one simple clue. Watch the whole video, rate and leave a comment please :)

Animator Meerkat



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