Hiya guys,

I was bored, and so decided to browse around and see what I could find. I hadn't been on the Facebook group in a while, we have 7 members, so thanks to all the people that joined - bare in mind it started last week. PLEASE anyone who feels they would like to join, go straight over there, and become a member! Maybe even an admin, here is the link:http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=290457740844&ref=nf

Also, we have had more honors on YouTube, people are loving what we are offering. We are STILL 57th most viewed this week, but no problems, because, yesterday, on its own, we got over 2000 video views! Can you believe it. So this means we should go shooting up tomorrow. I am continuing to upload non related videos, because it is really helping to promote us on YouTube, and getting us subscribers as well as recognition, so please subscribe: www.youtube.com/th3appstorereviewer. Soon, I am going to have to make all the videos public, because we only have about 8 more videos to put up before #100 - incl. the ones which are hidden. So if they are made public, then you can see #100 very soon.

I love advertising the YouTube channel, because it is so much fun to see what we can achieve! You have to read the post below to understand about #100! But, for now, here are the honors we currently have - one has changed and the other is the same. So, look in the post, to see what they used to be, and what they are now. But remember, these are yesterdays results, so we may go shooting up both categories, after todays results - we have had an extra 1,000 views at least over night!

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