In a few days time when the app is released, I look forward to writing the post titled something like ' Welcome to our mobile friends'. That will be the first post that takes us mobile, I really can't wait. Every day, I look through the newest app to see if we are on the list - we should be in a few days. 

I bet some of you are thinking - well, what IS so exciting about this iPhone app? Let me explain. 

This application is the big step to take us mobile. We then branch off of our original project and take on a whole new level. People will not need internet to watch the movies, so we therefore branch into the 'video for the road' category. 

This application brings so many good things for the animated series, it allows our current fans to stay absolutely up to date, but it allows new people to have a look and see what we are about. 

These are only a FEW of the things that this app brings for us,

So support us, and this could become something gigantic!


Animator Meerkat



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