No, we are not stopping making our movies, we have only just begun! This year, I think is going to be very prosperous for us. With our fan base started, and a good set of movies coming along great, what could possibly go wrong...

Ending each movie is very difficult. But, not to fear! We are here!

Today, Picture Meerkat and I have discussed the 'possible' ending to the second movie. As most of you know Picture is writing it, not me. I am writing the 3rd one though, so I needed it to run into what was coming next with my movie. You know what? I think we may have had a break through. 

A large section of the third movie, is set in a certain location. I don't mean we stay in the same room, I mean the 'place' is the same with different rooms inside it. We only decided on this today. So to make this possible, I have suggested a number of endings to Picture Meerkat for movie two, and one of them he has said is a possibility. 

His script should be done soon, so we can start properly animating it! I have to say, in scene 8 (ha ha, you don't know what is in it yet!) there is a bit which, if it is done properly and done justice during animating, could well make the movie a bigger success than we already expect. It is great! I wish I had thought of it!

Today, Picture Meerkat delivered to me the cover for the first movie, it looks good, I now sit and watch it as I am typing to you. I am so proud that we managed it. If you want to buy a DVD, you are welcome to, leave a comment on this post, and we can get you sorted out! 

Now, finally, as lots of you know, the special features haven't been released on YouTube yet. This is because we have a big plan for them in the next couple of weeks, and if it goes as planned is going to be amazing! It may fall through, we hope not!

So watch out for the special features soon! More news on this soon!

Animator Meerkat  


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