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Now, if you are after news about the second movie, head to the post below. This post is reserved for statistics!

Now anyone that knows me, knows math was never my favourite subject, I am quite good at it, but Picture Meerkat is better. but I thought the following quick facts might interest you:

- Edvard Orlovski: The Movie - Part 1, is currently receiving, on YouTube, the second most views at the moment, and therefore receiving second most amount of attention
- The other 6 parts currently don't feature in the top 10 for views at the moment
- The first part of the movie on YouTube, has the strongest viewing base in England, but seems to have a fair fan base in North America
- Most people have watched the movie through finding it on YouTube compared to other places or finding it on search engines etc. though these have enjoyed views!
- Our current lowest views in the last week (for the website) came on New Years day. 
- As I write this, the website is enjoying its most views, per day since 29th December. 

Note: Although, for the last point, views have risen to thousands in a day these are the stats for the last week, meaning today is currently the second highest, and tomorrow, it will be the highest. Unless tomorrow more people look at the website.

I certainly encourage you to continue looking at the website, because there is loads of hush hush news to be revealed soon. Some of it, even Picture Meerkat doesn't know about, he will find out soon though.

Animator Meerkat


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