I met with Picture Meerkat today, and we have been discussing exactly how we intend to make the 2nd movie onwards. From what I know already, there are loads of new characters. This is just a way for Picture to get rid of all my characters I think.

But, there are some surprises on the way of which I am very much looking forward to. Luckily, until now, I haven't braked from doing things to get the movie out on time, luckily for me, now I have a nice little break until at latest January 15th, after which, we start work on actually making the second film.

When I first told Picture Meerkat that I hoped to have the second movie out by about July - September, he nearly died! He couldn't believe it! No problemo though, when he realised he would have loads of time to do the movie work in August, he was sure that this could be possible. 

Finally, some very exciting, not news yet but may well be news, otherwise known as a possible news story, so a possibility, is now available for your personal viewing over on the Facebook page. So if you go over to the page now, you can find out the exciting, may be news, and it is really great. I don't think it will come to anything but, hey, a meerkat can hope!

Animator Meerkat


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