As usual, I have spent the last few hours maximising our views and making us known on the world wide internetmabob. Yes, I have only gone and got the first part of the movie 200 extra views, in 2 days! Now tell me my skills are not amazing!

Thats not the only thing though! Oh no! As I type, I am about to reveal to myself, and you what honors we have got on YouTube this week. Now for those of you that don't know - each week/month/all time - you can get 'honors' these are little badges on your YouTube channel, which say next to them things like: Most watched video of all time, #10 most watched video this week etc. Now, this week, we have been honored with an honor, and I haven't seen it yet, I just know it is there, from yesterday. But since then, I am hoping we have moved up the rankings a bit. 

Yesterday we were #54 most watched (this week) - reporter. Today, I am about to look. I promise, I haven't seen yet, I am about to go onto my Youtube channel and check. I'm on the channel - you have to scroll down to see it, so here we go... 3,2,1 scroll! Oh my goodness, two honors! Ready to see? Look below, they are at the bottom of the post! Wow! 

BUT, there are about 30 views in it! If we get about that many more views, we move up in both category. I am so happy, so please, keep watching all the channel's videos, to be this high up, it means that people are noticing the channel - and therefore the movies. Click on either of the honors - next to the picture at the bottom of the post - and it will take you to where we are on the list! See how close it is for your self!

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