After my little rant yesterday, it would seem Picture Meerkat has got down to work. I am glad to hear it! If it is not done in time, he will have his burrow blown up again, I think he only just fixed it from last time! But this time, it will be his whole families burrows!

So, the second movie is in the early stage of production! Exciting ey! I am beginning to wonder what it will be called. Hopefully I can find out tomorrow. Picture Meerkat is planning to do two different scripts for the movie. One which is, the script, all the words etc. Then the other one which is more of a synopsis, what goes on, what it looks like. I would like to have it out July - September '10, but who knows.

I have been having long hard thinks about movie three. I am trying to think of possible story lines etc. I was even trying to think of a name! This film won't be out until earliest December '10 I would imagine. I don't know why I am already worrying! When I have seen the finished script for movie two, it will help because I will know how it ends. This means I will know how to continue it on into the movie.

I said I wanted some bumper things coming in my future movies, and from the ideas I have had so far, we can expect a bumper number 3! Of course, I don't know what I am carrying it on from yet, but when I do, I will know how it leads into the... whoops, nearly gave away something then. You know what? I will continue to think about movie three, yet try and not push it to the front of my mind. As if I do, I will have the movie written by end of January, and I don't want to be that advance quite yet. 

For those of you who love to hear the inside scoop, go to the start page and click the Facebook link. As when this post is finished, I am going straight there to write an entry of a possibility coming soon, but until confirmed, it can't come here! As this is for official things :) Like me :)

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