Today, Picture Meerkat had a good old groan. He told me about how he had not given me permission to use that scene layout - the airplane scene for video #100 for my YouTube channel (which by the way, if you haven't seen, is immense, so go to the home page, its at the top - thats HOME not START). I pointed out that he hadn't said I couldn't - but then I was saved - and had to go do some work. 

Later on, it continued. He only went and moaned about my animating skills - claiming his were far superior, but at least I could do some fair lip sync work! How dare he! Tell him to go back to his world of drawing, and I will get on with my things! I'm joking...

Finally, Picture Meerkat has buckled down and produced... nearly ONE concept for the movie. I give him a plan, of how we can do this movie quick and efficiently. Does he listen? OH NO! He goes ahead and claims that he wanted to finish scene one animating, I let him. Now that he is doing another scene, scene 2, he has decided he just had to animate this to. So what is the point in agreeing, lets try and get all the concepts done by the end of January, when he just animates each scene as and when he feels like it. Cor!

See, thats another thing I bring to the team: Animation, Lip Sync, superior internet skills, superior video sharing skills, superior website updating skills, superior PR and advertising skills! In fact, apart from drawing and a slight bit of animating, is there anything that I don't bring to the floor for these movies?

Animator Meerkat


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