Just a quickie as not much has happened in the world of animated meerkat feature length movies since yesterday, we have continued to discuss endings to future movies - including what I want to do in movie three. Although, Picture Meerkat doesn't want me to get away with it.

Anyway, so as not much as happened, I thought I would comment on the new post on Picture Meerkat's Blog. Thank goodness for sanity, he finally seems to have realised where the 'Publish Live longer than 4 sentences' button is because he has actually posted his drawing tutorial. Well, part one of it. It is quite good, I look forward to seeing where he goes from here (Part 2 onwards). I wonder if I should give him some competition? Say, a VIDEO tutorial about simple animating?

I haven't decided yet. Hehe. I will probably leave that for when I have nothing better to do for the movies. 

Animator Meerkat 


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