Today, I discussed with Picture Meerkat what we should do with regards to the theme tune. I wanted him to, not necessarily use the same one, but have elements that remain the same. 

The only thing I really want to stay the same, is the music. I don't mind if we completely remix it, but I want there to be a 'familiarness' to the second movie. We don't want to alienate new fans for the second movie, but just as important, we don't want current fans to feel pushed out. I want either the same music (because that is our 'signature' meerkat song or elements of the same song e.g. whatever is put to replace it, has a reoccurrence of the old theme every now and again. What I mean, is that without seeing the characters or names, you know it is part of the same movies. You don't see Warner Bros, changing the theme every time there is a new Harry Potter Movie, they just alter it slightly. I want to do the same. Make it new, yet familiar. 

Anyway, onto the movie scene news. Picture Meerkat has nearly completed the first flash drawing for movie two. It is in a plane, and I am saying hardly any more. It looks very nice and realistic - but he spent some time on some features (like Edvard's Belt) which we then zoomed back out and realised you can't actually see anyway!

It is nice to have started the movie, I am looking forward to making it now - whereas last month I was feeling a bit unsure about carrying on the series. I thought it may be a silly idea. Oh well, now I may have altered my tune.

Hopefully the iPhone app will be with us in a few days, who knows, Apple have it, its out of our control now, we just wait for a reply from them :)

Animator Meerkat


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