Hiya Guys,

What better news do you want this lovely Thursday afternoon? The movie is in full production. With the script fully written, the concepts are in full flow. Yes, right at the beginning of the process is the busy time for Picture Meerkat, he has to get all the pictures (sets and people and props) all drawn in flash, ready for me to animated. 

At that point, I take over and have a really busy period - where I animated all the scenes (apart from a 'select few which Picture insists on doing!). Then, when he settles down, finished for the movie, my work continues, as I make the DVD, get it put online, update the blog regularly - and this time, when we finish the movie, I will have another script to write. It will be my second one!

Anyway, back to the point in question. The movie is in full production, Animator Meerkat is doing some scenes at the minute to, a few which he wants to do, they have been started on - and as I said, the concept art.

We look forward to delivering a great movie to you soon!

And before then, giving you a great app (we are hoping for it to go live any day now!)

Animator Meerkat


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